Take Care Of Your Four-Legged Friend – Get Dog’s Ears Cleaned Regularly

Dog Ear Cleaned

How to clean dog ears without getting them all worked up? It is best to clean your dog’s ears in a room where you would not mind even if a mess occurs. So the bathroom is a good choice for this purpose. Dogs seldom express interest in getting their ears cleaned. Most of the dogs do not enjoy participating in this ear cleaning process, so start getting ready for spills.

Different ear sizes and shapes of dogs

 In the canine world, there are a variety of dog ear sizes and shapes. Upright ear or prick is the most common ear shape. Most of the Chihuahuas have bat ears. French Bulldogs have rounded tip ears or blunt ears. The Greyhounds have rose ears. Dog’s ears are one of his cutest features. They are a sensitive part of his anatomy too. If your dog is scratching at the ears, or if he yells in pain whenever you try to touch them, then it might indicate a condition of ear infection. Then you should take him to a veterinarian.

Assemble the necessary supplies for cleaning

Gather all the necessary supplies before you devote your energy on how to clean dog ears. Get in touch with a vet beforehand. He can provide you with ear cleaners. Set the table. Put the cotton balls and the ear cleaners on the table. The ear cleaners preferably should have low alcohol content. They work out the best for this purpose. Clean your hands thoroughly with mild soap before you begin the process. You do not want to infect your dog’s ears with your unclean hands.  If your dog is panicky, get another person to help you with the process. He can distract the dog while you continue with the ear cleaning process. Get him into a room. Close the door immediately.

Cleaning with wet cotton balls

Clean out all the areas of the ear that you can access. Begin cleaning from the outside. If you can assess that the dog’s ears are full of dirt, then you can do the cleaning yourself. Wipe the flap of the dog’s ear with a wet cotton ball. Moisten the cotton ball with mineral oil. Then take another cotton ball. Dip the cotton ball in the cleanser and clean the inside part of the ear. Repeat the process of cleaning on the second ear. Stop immediately if you see your dog is resisting. Do not delve deep into the ears; they may cause damage. Have a look at the cotton balls after you have done the cleaning. If they are too dirty, then it is time to take your dog to the veterinarian.

Ear infections

The ears of the dogs are often neglected. But their ears are one of the most vital body parts. If the ears are not cleaned up properly, then ear infections may develop. If the ears of the dogs have a bad odour, then you should not try to do anything. If he has been scratching his ears repeatedly you should not remove the ear mites from the ears, let the veterinary handle the situation. Let the vet find out the reason behind the ear infection and the mode of treatment.

Consult a vet before trying out DIY remedies

Ear infections among dogs are common. At the same time, they are painful. Some of the ear infections may arise due to some underlying cause like allergies. They become chronic in nature and have a tendency to recur. If you want to try some home remedies for treating those ear infections, you may end up injuring your dog in the process. He might end up losing his hearing permanently. Many people try out the DIY recipes on how to clean dog ears which make use of vinegar, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide solution. Whatever you do, consult a veterinarian first and take his advice in what to apply in the case of an ear infection.

A balanced diet helps in fighting ear infection

To tackle ear problems in dogs a natural diet might be of immense help.  Take measures to boost up his immune system by giving him vitamin C regularly. It will enhance the secretion from different glands which will help him to fight against ear infections. You might also consider adding plain yoghurt to his regular diet.  Yoghurt helps in the regulation of digestion and helps in flushing out the harmful microorganisms from the digestive tract. Yoghurt assists in the prevention of yeast infection in the dog’s ears.

Inspect your dog’s ears weekly

Each week you should take time out to examine the ears of your dog. Check out to see if there are any indications of redness, wax build-up or dirt accumulation or any discharge. These inspections do not take much time and can help you to see if there are any minor issues before they develop into major problems. How to clean dog ears is not very problematic in case of minor problems. So as a precautionary measure do an ear check-up of your dog at home at regular intervals to examine any signs of irritation, mites and parasites. Maintain good hygiene and bathe him frequently. After your dog goes for swimming, dry his ears properly. Impose some restrictions on his movement when he is suffering from ear infection.

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