Donald Trump’s immigration ban on travelers from Muslim majority nation might lead to the Supreme Court; yes, there are high chances of this happening because it would eventually be the SC who will decided the impact of this immigration ban on the national security.

Since the time the President has imposed this ban, it has greatly affected the refugees, immigrants and students.  This immigration might be re-imposed if the court appeals to temporarily freeze this order of Donald Trump and kind of blocks it. As of now the legal fight is continuing and it is taking a constitutional turn.

 Overturning this ruling might cause a lot of confusion and anguish at the borders says a professor of Stanford Law School, Jayashri Srikantiah. The lawyer says that it is difficult to say as to what decision the court would take as of now; however, there would be a lot of confusion to reverse the TRO.

Currently, Trump is asking the court to throw out all the appeals that are made by Washington State and Minnesta, according to which the employers and residents are hurt by this travel ban including the Mayo Clinic, Amazon and Microsoft Corp. A motion was filed by General Doug Chin, a Hawaii attorney for joining Minnesota and Washington in this lawsuit.

Washington and Minnesota met a deadline this morning for filing argument while US Justice department has time till 3 PM for making final argument. Anytime, this decision will be taken a quick run will have to be made to the Supreme court.

 Why the protests?

Due to the executive order that Trump administration passed on the 27th of January,  delayed travelers and permanent residents of Muslim-majority nations will be blocked from entering the US. The return and detention of so many people had given rise to protests. Some of them

The case brought Bob Ferguson, the Attorney General of Washington and Minnesota to hold arguments against the ban; economic damage was cited. Moreover, residents will also face personal toll in the US district if this order is restrained. However, it is concluded that there is a strong likelihood of the states winning the case when the arguments will be analyzed in depth; there are no chances that the order would be long lasting.

What do you think will be the decision of Supreme Court? Will it be in favor of the ban? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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