5 Ways to Support Your Partner through a Hard Time

Support Your Partner

Is your marriage not a picture-perfect one that you imagined it to be? Life is like a wave with its crests and troughs similarly like marriage has its highs and lows. All couples have hard and dark days, but there is always some light at the end of the tunnel. Struggles are only opportunities for you to work as a team by growing together and not giving up. After all marriage not about who you can live with but the one, you cannot live without. When either of you is facing struggles here are five ways you can be the shoulder to cry upon.

Facing the demons together

After marriage, there shall be no room for problems that have a “his” or “her” tag to them. Every issue here on has to be faced together as a team. You must always try to lighten loads from each other’s shoulders instead of piling on more charges. Challenges should be confronted with unity.

No advice but encouragement

Whenever your spouse is facing struggles, remember that more than your advice they are in need of your support. The support weighs much more on the balancing beam than mere opinions. Build a foundation of support and commitment by being a great listener. It is mending that matters and not fixing.

Pray for and with each other

It is an old saying that a couple that prays together stays together. Praying to the Creator not only prevents cringe-worthy thoughts of parting ways but is an intimate way of reconnecting with each other. You must also pray for the one who is tested by time and make it worthwhile.

Do not ever give up

If you refuse to give up, have faith and face all your stumbling blocks together, there shall be no looking back. The hurdles will diminish and disappear on their own because that is the beauty of perseverance. Struggling together shall bring you closer to each other like never before.

Just be considerate

Try to be extra sensitive when your spouse is struggling and is facing snags. You require being thoughtful, respectful and kind more than usual. When feelings fray and emotions fatigue you must be patient and consider the feelings of your partner.

It is two-gether and not together

All of you imagine marriage to be the happily ever after and a never-ending feel-good romance when it is not. It is certainly not a movie with a soundtrack from the fairy tales. When your marriage ceases to be a beautiful reverie you are most tempted to give up, lose hope and start assuming that your ideal one is not ideal anymore. However, you should always recollect the vows that you made for sticking together in richness and poverty, health and sickness unless death parts you.


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