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Stylish Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Party – You Need To Know

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Have you been curious to know the different Fashion & Trends that can be followed to your next party? Sometime back each of you would eagerly wait for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween so that you could dress up. Then if the Christmas or Halloween got over you would wait for the BBQ parties, backyard, summer parties and the kitty parties of course. However cut to the times now when everyone just needs a reason to celebrate, dance, drink, dress up and party. There are parties that most of you could be clueless about. Hence, if you ever have had a moment where you are not certain of what you would be wearing then here are some great ideas for outfits.

  • House party attire

Fashion & Trends that can be followed by a house party entails a thought that since the party is indoors then maybe winter is arriving soon or may a real housewarming party. There will be sticker stalker, charades, beer pong and all varied activities. So unless the invite has come without a theme then you can choose to wear anything. Right from a shirt dress, leather pants to distressed jeans can be worn. The makeup has to be kept low key because the set up is indoors but you can slightly accessorize while also making the lipstick pop. Nothing looks chic or effortless than being comfy.

  • Christmas party attire

If Christmas is around the corner then it is but obvious that you shall be flooded with invites. There can be one vague long list of parties to attend because it is that time of the year when everyone feels like unwinding. To look your best you can choose to wear a lace dress that is blue, a red body-hugging dress or the famous black LBD. Monochromes, matching separates and pantsuits work fine too.

  • A themed party of the 90’s

For a ninety’s themed party you must analyze closely at the fashion trends that then used to be followed. You can think of wearing chokers, crop tops, round glasses, matching the separates, T-shirts of the rock bands, plaid shirts, dungarees, mommy pants and big hoops. There is not majorly anything that needs to be done in these parties except for just dressing up, showing up and grooving to the retro music.

  • Masquerade party

If you are attending masquerade ball or party then must know that it is probably the most relaxed event. Choose a great mask and a complimenting outfit that includes formal tops, pencil skirts and a dress that has an A-line. You have to refrain from making the outfit too colorful because that shall make you look gaudy and loud. The outfit has to be a contrasting one or of the same color of the mask you have chosen to wear.

The other party dresses

There are different kinds of parties that are hosted by people like a bachelorette party, college, pool, cocktail, birthday, foam, boat and winter parties. You must remember that no matter what you wear you must mandatorily wear your smile with confidence.


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