Soulja Boy who had shot to fame during his teenage years with a dance craze that had gone viral was arrested on Thursday. He is a noted rap singer. The arrest was made on the charges of possessing a gun illegally. The police arrived at his home in Los Angeles during the morning hours and arrested him after the gun was found in his possession. The information came from the spokesperson of the Police Department. This is not the first time that he had been arrested. An arrest occurred earlier and Soulja Boy was not permitted to keep any firearms which were a part of the probation process.

The Previous Arrest

The incident of the previous arrest had happened two years earlier. The rapper was traveling in a car. While driving, the driver did not follow a traffic signal. It had jumped their red light. The police had chased the car and made it pull up due to its guilt. During the search process carried out, the police found the loaded gun in the car. This made the police arrest the rapper immediately. It was again due to not heeding the warnings of the court that he got arrested. Now it is to be seen what the Police would do to rapper.

A Well-Known Figure

The actual name of Soulja Boy is DeAndre Cortez Way. Currently, he is 26 years of age. He is one of the popular rappers of the current generation. In the last decade, he had debuted with ‘Crank in the year 2007. It became very popular and he became a star nearly overnight. It was a leading dance meme that gave him this sudden popularity and fan following. The dance comprised of simple yet energetic moves. The song had reached the first position of the United States Charts. The dance steps became very popular. The song had been downloaded for more than 3 million times. It had been a record at that point which was broken later.

Not Having Good Market Presently

After this, he has given quite a few hits albums. Off late, nothing has been working out well for the rapper. None of the songs sung by him is making much effect. He has been seen to prompt poker online. He also appears in reality television shows. The reason why Police had gone to the house of the rapper is unknown. There are rumors that the police had gone to his house because of a request made by the rapper. Probably, he had received a threat, and the police had gone for investigation of the same.

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