Traveling in buses is common for intercity travel. It is often seen that the bus journey travel is not that safe may be due to unsafe driving practices and lack of awareness among passengers. A Vizag based company; Ananas software has prepared a program called iTravelSafe. It is supposed to enter the market soon. It will create a revolution in the concept of bus travel in long distance mode.

Actual location of bus

The software has been created in October last year by a group of 3 members Fasiuddin Mohammad, Vinod Varma and Siva Sagar. With this Technology, one can find out the exact location of the bus. It provides immense customer support, services through sms and protection against theft. It is very helpful for the driver if he is not aware of the route. The navigation facility that this software provides is very helpful in finding out the location of desired roots. Customer service support can be approached through help desk all round the clock. This technology driven services will also help in luggage tagging. It will be beneficial to the huge number of buses that are travelling among the cities of the state and also intra connectivity with other states.

Safety of vehicle can be measured

With the help of this technology, ensure that you are traveling safely. Apart from the safety levels, hundreds of comfort can be found out. The integration of technology along with the travelling experience can not only make the excellence safe but also unique and comfortable. the software developers informed that they have already prepared the prototype and the commercial will be available in the coming months in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh later. Later, the launching will be done in other states. With the use of this software, one may come to know of the harsh road conditions, the braking by the bus, weather conditions, etc. With the use of this app, the mileage given by the vehicle can also be known.

Useful for women’s safety

It is very useful for the checking of safety on the vehicle especially for women. If there are toilets on the route, the same is indicated on the app and women can use them easily. If booking for food has to be made, the same can be made in advance.

The company plans to extend their services to school buses and other Logistics firms in the coming days.

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