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Are you aware of the benefits of exploring new places? It is traveling which will help you develop an understanding of the people, culture, and history. You can also derive fun by breaking away from the norm.

Deviation from the norm

It is not a rare occurrence that during your trips you may get into situations which are a deviation from the usual scenario. If you are stuck into situations which are unusual in nature, then the way you cope up with those state of affairs will help you to gain an understanding about yourself.

  1. Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

In Lopburi, Thailand you will come across the Monkey Buffet Festival. During the festival, the local folks offer candies, food, and fruits to the monkeys. In the month of November, the local people pamper these mischievous creatures by providing them delicacies. Around 3000 people are approximately given 9000 pounds of food.

  1. The Phallological Museum in Iceland

This is a museum where you will find a collection of penile parts of various mammals belonging to that country. Visitors can see about two hundred and fifteen penises of mammals including whales and hamsters. The display in this Reykjavik museum includes penile parts of seventeen kinds of whales. This museum has been able to break taboos and is now considered as one of the major attractions for tourists.

  1. The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo

The robot show at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is one of the wildest spectacles you will ever encounter in your life. It may seem to you that you have stepped into a parallel universe where everything is disorderly. However, the performance is far from chaotic. There is a great deal of planning behind these high voltage events. The shows include dancing to warring.

  1. Twin Stars Diner in Russia

This is a restaurant in Moscow which hires twins as part of the task force. Identical twins wearing similar clothes serve drinks. If you planned a vacation in this part of the world, then it is fun to try out this eatery.  In this restaurant, the twins will come and not only take your order but will also be involved in the billing process.

  1. Cheese-Rolling Festival in England

Every year thousands of tourists gather in May to watch the rolling cheese event around Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire. If you want to enroll as a participant, then make sure you do not end up hurting yourself. The participants try to chase a chase wheel rolling down the slope of a hill.

  1. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

This annual festival takes place during the summer season. The participants make use of mud packs for tarnishing themselves. The minerals in the mud have high mineral content which aids in the removal of excess oil from the skin as well as reduction of scars.

Something different

Plan an eventful vacation next time. Do not go as a traditional tourist but instead opt for a deviation organizing a trip to one of the odd spots.

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