Simone Blies – The Girl Who Win Hearts Along With Gold Medals

Simone Blies

Simone Blies – the golden girl of Gymnastics from the USA has made another country proud and happy by her great achievement in this year’s Rio Olympic Game. She has the dual citizenship of America and Belize. This is a nation which not very popular on the map of this planet. The country has gained its independence in 1981. 2016 is probably the most remarkable year for the citizens of Belize since their independence, and that is only because of this young girl. She has made her nation proud. She won gold medals for her performances in the Olympic Games but she has won the hearts of her countrymen with her achievement in the world of gymnastics and sports.

Received Huge Support

It can be the best moment for any citizen when the first lady shows her interest to watch the performance. The same thing happened with Simone.  Kim Simplis Barrow is the first lady of Belize. She came to the Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina in Belize City to watch the final performance of Blies. There was a group of people who gathered in that hotel to watch the final performance of the beloved girl of their city. That moment was really a proud one for Blies herself also.

Notable Performance By Blies

Winning medals in a game like Olympic is not an easy manner. You have to compete with all the most talented sportspersons of this world. They have their own strength and skill. Fighting with them and securing the top position at the finale is something we call a great achievement. Blies have done this several times in this year’s Olympic Games. She won four gold medals from this Olympic and becomes the most decorated US women’s gymnast.

The Endless Journey

Little Simone has started her journey in the field of gymnastics from the daycare where she lived with her sister. That journey continues till now and today that little girl becomes the most noted gymnasts of the USA and of course of Belize. Fortunately, that daycare noticed her interest in gymnastics when she tried to imitate the other gymnasts and showed her interest on those poles, floors and beams. That was a history now. She got her training from coach Aimee Boorman since her age of 8 and that make her prepare for all the tough battles that she need to face during her journey in this zone.

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