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Are you worried about premature labor?  Then get all warning signs checked out. If you are in your last trimester of pregnancy, then you are probably eagerly waiting for any signs of labor. It is an eagerly awaited moment for all expectant mothers. You have waited patiently for nine months, and finally, it is approaching the time when you would be holding the baby in your hands. Full term pregnancy is the period between thirty-seven to forty-two weeks.

Let us discuss the early signs of labor pain.

Spontaneous rupture of membranes

This is commonly known as breaking of the waters. This occurs when the amniotic sac ruptures which result in this fluid coming out from the vagina. It may be in the form of a small trickling or an enormous gush. Some women may feel a popping sensation when this event occurs. If you experience this situation, then you need to consult a doctor immediately. It might be a case of bladder leak, so do not be embarrassed. This is quite a common occurrence in the later stages of pregnancy.


Regular contractions are a good sign that you are in labor. Early labor contractions may feel like period pains, and you might have a lower backache. This sort of pain emerges from back to front and vice versa. If they are mild in nature ignore them. Time them to avoid anxiety and stress. If your contractions are stronger, longer then you are in labor. They will not slow down or stop and will be in a predictable manner.

Passing of the mucus plug

The mucus plug may become loose and start to discharge from your vagina wholly or partially.  This sealed off the cervix during the pregnancy tenure to prevent infection of the baby. It may be watery and jelly like in appearance.


The healthcare professional performs a pelvic examination to detect whether the cervix is dilated. This is a symptom that labor is approaching. The majority of labor pain is mainly due to the uterus contraction to dilate the cervix. Therefore, keeping a close watch over this part of your body is mandatory.

Involuntary trembling

In early labor, you may experience shivering even if you are not that cold. Do not fret. It is the body dealing with the release of tension and may last for only a couple of minutes. On your part do something relaxing such as take a shower or give yourself a massage or do some deep breathing exercises.


There will be a change in the appearance of your abdomen. When your baby has settled in the pelvis region, you will notice that you can breathe easily now. The pressure on the diaphragm has been reduced. Now you may have to make more trips to the bathroom because of the increase in pressure on the bladder.

Urge of urination increases

This may happen due to the dropping of the baby’s head into the pelvic region. It exerts more pressure on the urinary bladder. So the women at this stage have a frequent need to urinate. This part forms under the early signs of labor. The woman might feel like visiting the loo at every hour possible. It is a clear sign that the baby is ready to be out.

Sudden burst of energy

Contrary to feeling tired most women feel a sudden burst of energy.  This is termed as nesting.  This is supported by a feeling of urgency to get things done before labor. Women start to feel hyperactive and feel the urgent need to complete some household chores. It is a strong sign of early labor.


You might notice diarrhea when the body naturally has bowel movements to make more room for the baby. Many women are scared that they will open bowels during labor. Just before going to labor the emptying of the bowels prevent that.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These may be painless in nature. Some women may not feel anything at all.Braxton Hicks contractions can further be described as intermittent uterine contractions, which start during early pregnancy. It takes place just before real labor and not all might be able to feel it.

Keep a hospital bag ready

When the contractions become more pronounced, then you know that you have to head towards the hospital. It is always handy to keep a hospital bag ready for this moment. Just pack the essentials if you are having a challenging time with space adjustment. You can always send a family member for getting more things later on.

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