The person you are dating should give you enough importance. If you find that you are being ignored, he or she may not be actually serious about the relationship. It is no use hanging around with a person who does not respect you.Signs that may tell you about the seriousness levels of the person you are dating.

Your SMS and calls are left unanswered:

If the person you are dating does not pick up your calls or reply to your messages, it may be that the person is just not interested in you. There can be no excuse of communication in the age of smart devices.

You always go to meet:

If the initiative for a meeting is always from your ends, take a close look. If it is always you who has to travel a certain distance fort meeting, it may be a negative sign. An interested person will have no trouble in traversing some distance for the meeting.

Two-faced behavior:

It is obvious that the person you are dating will behave differently with you in comparison to other people. But you need to be careful if you see him or her to be acting like a total stranger in a group.

Caught a lie at least once:

It is the best to be truthful with the dating partner. If you find him or her lying, it is a matter of concern. It is the best to open up for building an intimate relationship.

Keeps on pressurizing:

There should not be any element of pressurizing in the relationship. If you are being made to do things that you are not agreeable with, you must give a second thought. You are not being given the desired respects in a relationship.

Has not sharing personal information:

Personal information sharing shows that the trust element has grown in the relationship. If you see that even after weeks of dating, your partner is very restricted and does not tell anything personal, it would be better not to waste time with this person.

Is not sure about the outcome of the relationship:

If you find that your dating partner says that he or she is unsure about the outcome of the relationship, you should move along. It is an indication that you are not wanted.

It is not good to wasting time with a person who does not value you. Bestow your affections on a person who gives you the importance only.

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