Satisfy Your Curiosity and Take Steps on How to Become an Avid Reader

Avid Reader

Can you think of a day without reading? It is not possible for anyone to go a full day without reading. Some people look for reasons to grab a book. There are others who devour books. The more you read, it seems the more you start enjoying the process. A book leaves you with a varied type of experiences.

Let us discuss some of the steps on how to become an avid reader.

Find a book that appeals to you

Start your reading journey with a book that appeals to you. Go for book hunting and browse those books that you love talking about. If you do not care about a topic, you will never enjoy reading it. Choose a book based on a subject you never get tired of.

Search for books online

Nowadays book hunting has become easier through the use of the internet. You can search for books online setting some search parameters. You can set the parameters based on the author, title of the book, fun factors such as happy or sad, classic or contemporary, adventure, fantasy, thriller, biography, history, and action.

Join a like- minded forum

There are some social networking sites for readers. You can join such forums and then search for friends and connect with them. You can then find out what they are reading, search book lists or take active participation in a discussion. You can come across a list of books on similar topics which have been chosen by other readers.

Select books based on your mood

You can quickly get into the mood of book reading by choosing books based on your mood. Select a book which has a happy ending or a book with a miserable ending depending on what you would like to read. You have to understand that you will never find time to read all the books that interest you.  So there is no point in wasting valuable time. With the time you have, spend your energy and time in reading a good book.

Skim through the pages to get a feel

Flip the pages on each book you have chosen. Go through the first passage; scan the headings of the paragraph. Read the back cover and go through a few lines here and there. Skim through the blurbs. If it sounds appealing and your curiosity is aroused to know further then no further waiting.  If you do not find the book interesting, put it down and look for another book.

Fifty-page rule

You may want to follow the fifty-page rule. Once you have flipped through the pages of a book, you may want to apply this rule. Sometimes a book may seem difficult in the initial phases, but if you delve into it further, you may come up with something attractive. Give the book a chance. Continue to read fifty pages and if it still is incapable of holding on to your attention then pass on the book.

Enroll in a library

Enroll in a library. By becoming a library member, you can go and spend a few hours there every week. The best place to read is the library; the place is without any distractions. If you have watched a movie adaption, then try reading the hard copy of the book. If your interest is rekindled then continue with the book. Otherwise just put that book aside and fetch another book.

Maintain a list of reading

Maintain two lists in your diary. In the first list jot down the names of books, you have read. Mention in the notebook anything memorable about the book. You may want to add a rating, insert a quote, and write about a character. In another list mention the books you want to read. Keeping this list handy will help you to refer when you are visiting a bookstore.

Turn into a disciplined reader

Find the time to read instead of indulging in meaningless online activities. Turn into a disciplined reader. You should a particular time of the day for reading. The key to becoming an avid reader is to carry your present book with you at all times. Keep the book in your bag always. So whenever you embark on a train, or a bus or you are waiting somewhere or in the restaurant waiting for your order to arrive then pull your book out and start reading.

Switch between heavy and light genres

Alternate your reading between heavy and light genres. If you have finished reading a heavy genre book on world history, then your brain needs a break. Indulge in some light reading like a fast paced action thriller or books on adventure or comedy.

Benefits derived from reading

Reading can relax you. Reading can relieve stress, and if you are having trouble sleeping at night, a book can act as a stress reliever. The knowledge you gather through reading makes you an interesting person. It leads to an improvement of your concentration, focus, memory, and creativity. All these skills are necessary for your success. So make it an aim to read daily.

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