Whether you are just visiting or you are on some business trip, you will always find a lot of things that you can do or a lot of places that you can visit while enjoying your stay in San Jose, California.

If you have been keen enough, you might have realized that there is usually a bustling scene that often comes to life especially when the sun is settling and the darkness is approaching.

However busy you might be, occasionally you need to get out and enjoy the glamour offered by the nightlife in San Jose i.e. attending the Vino Artist wine night. This can be more fun especially if you have a few friends with you. With that being said, let us look at some of the things that you can enjoy with your friends.

  1. Haberdasher

    If you are looking to find a place that can serve you with the finest cocktails around, then suggest to your friends to visit this place. Located in a basement atmosphere, this place is uniquely amazing and inviting.

    It is a great place to spend time with your friends as you also get to enjoy the beautiful setting and ambiance provided by the place.

    If you also thought that great cocktails can only be found from a snooty and mustachioed mixologist then you are wrong. Try Haberdasher today and experience a great night out with your friends.

  2. 7 Bamboo lounge

    Located at 162 Jackson Street, the 7 bamboo lounge is the place to be with your friends at night. More importantly, if you a dive bar expert, this is definitely where you want to be at night for drinks while doing some catching up with your friends.The 7 bamboo lounge is also known for providing great entertainment as it often hosts karaoke sessions. This lounge usually has a friendly atmosphere meaning you will most probably feel welcomed even if you are visiting for the first time.

    The drinks are also quite affordable thus going easy on your pockets in terms of the budget. If you are around, you can always stop by just to see what is there for the night. Click here to see other places you can visit.

  3. San Pedro Square market

    Just before the darkness takes over, you should try and visit this place and treat yourself to some of the most delicacies around. In San Pedro square market, you can always be sure to find whatever you might be looking for when it comes to food since the place provides a variety of mouthwatering food from various vendors around.If today you feel like having some pizza only or if you feel like you what to try out some Latin American food, this is the place you need to visit. It also provides much when it comes to entertainment.

    You will find live music, films, comedy, book signings and many other forms of entertainment so that you don’t get bored but enjoy to the fullest.

  4. Yard House

    Best known for its great cuisine, the Yard house is also a great place to visit with your friends if you want to enjoy San Jose’s nightlife. If you also fall under the category of beer lovers, this place is definitely your spot since it also provides a wide variety of craft beer.
    It has more than one hundred taps and a beer menu which gets updated continuously just to make sure they never run out of brews. Most of these brews are usually crafted locally. This means your drink will be of good quality and taste.
    You can also satisfy your undying love for food by passing by the kitchen and get your food which is made from scratch. Make sure you don’t leave San Jose without making a trip to the Yard House.

    San Jose Night Out with Friends

  5. JJ’s Blues

    If you are a great fan of music and you just happen to visit San Jose, make sure you give this place a visit. It is among the most organic music venues available around as it provides live music which ranges from reggae and blues to ska and jazz among other genres. You can pass by during the evening with your friends and enjoy an evening full of great and awesome music.


San Jose is a naturally beautiful place to be. Even without making trips to a few places around, you can still enjoy the company of good people around and the beautiful weather.

However, since life is always about having fun, these few places above can help make your life interesting while on your visit. You can also look for other fun things to do while in San Jose, California in this link: Remember, you only live once so make the most out of your life and be happy.



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