Smartphone manufacturers are coming out with models that boast of unseen features highlighting the latest technological trends. Flexible display screens have dominated smartphones for quite some time. Considered to be a niche category, large mobile manufacturing companies like Apple and Samsung have filed for a patent with regard to curved displays.

Samsun files for patent on OLED Patent with bendable display

Apple recently filed for a patent on bendable display technology which the company is planning to use in the manufacture of the future iPhones. In fact, the latest news in the world of mobile technology is that Samsung too has filed for a similar patent. According to Patently Mobile, Samsung has the patent on flexible display patent on its future phones. Samsung is planning to use this display more in the ‘shatter-proof’ segment than in the bendable display smartphones. The reason behind doing so is that the flexible display has a flexible substrate which is made out of plastic. The plastic used has high durability and is resistant to heat.

What is the OLED display made of

The display is made up of multiple layers. The first one is electrode layer followed by dielectric elastomer film and finally, a second electrode layer which is used as part of both the upper and lower portion of the flexible display panel. In order to improve the bending quality of the smartphone, voltage is applied either to the first layer or the second layer.

Features of the OLED display

Samsung’s patent also comprises a dielectric elastometer film. This film has one each of isoprene, silicon, and fluoro elastic polymer. The patent further highlights the OLED features that boast of first and second electrode each of which comprises of aluminum, graphite, carbon nanotubes, molybdenum, and a conductive polymer.

How will the bendable technology work

The dielectric elastometer film used will transform electric energy into mechanical strain. This means that technically the panel will bend on its own without any external force. However, it is not clear how this will be made possible or whether any command will trigger this action.

Is bendable display meant for the long run

Smartphones with flexible displays look good in the initial phase of use but soon their charm wears off. Remember the Samsung Galaxy Round or LG Flex series of phones? After a few months of its launch, people got over the design and everything boiled down to the usability of the phone. The bendable displays hardly improve the performance of the phone. The overall user experience remains the same. In fact, you have to be careful about the way you place the phones in the pocket. A little bit of miscalculation and it will affect the performance of the phone.

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