Reliance Jio Communication, the smartphone network started by Reliance group chairman Mukesh Ambani a couple of years ago. Reliance Jio has been launched to make a revolution in indian Mobile telecom sector by providing high quality 4G network services.  Here in this post we are covering why reliance Jio get popularity in india. In a simple sentence, Jio offers high quality services at affordable price.

There was tremendous growth in the new customers growth of Reliance Jio since it has been launched. They offered free internet data in 4G speed for all those who became their customer for 6 months. With clever , reliance Jio provided high quality 4G speed internet data with combined best service VOLTE technology. Reliance Jio uses VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) for high quality voice call facility with Jio Network. This technology gave the services much more high quality in 4G data speed and voice/ video calls.

For the first six month of the launch of Jio, they offered high speed 4G data for smartphone users with unlimited Voice call. A lot of customers have been reached to jio network to enjoy the 4G speed data. Reliance Jio was the first network to introduce 4G network with VoLTE technology. The users enjoyed 4G speed data for the first time with Jio. This is the primary reason Jio got much popularity.

Other leading mobile networks charged huge amount for both voice call and data recharge for the low speed network. By the launch of Reliance Jio, income chart of other mobile networks got decrease. Also after the first 6 month of Jio, they offered the customers the same 4G speed data at affordable price. While other mobile networks charged highest rate, Jio offered in lowest rate with free unlimited voice call and sms. In short all the packs in single recharge. Even now, Jio giving very low rate for their data and voice plan when compared to other mobile networks.

Awesome Jio Apps

In addition to the value services, Jio launched a bunch of apps exclusively for their users. The apps includes i many categories like movies, music, news, video chat, voice chat etc. You can download Jio apps free and enjoy their services.

 JioTv app

Jio Tv is the app for reliance Jio users to enjoy the live streaming of tv channels with Jio network. Jio Tv offers 581 + channels in various categories like movies, sports, kids, music and in different languages. JioTv stream your favorite channels so that users can watch your favorite shows and tv programmes wherever they are. Among 580 channels, the app gives 60 + channels in HD format.


JioChat is another app by reliance Jio Users to chat online with their friends and relatives. JioChat is an instant messaging app that supports both video and voice chatting. You can use many cool features with JioChat, like sharing media files, stickers, etc.


JioMusic is for music lovers. Jio music allows users to stream their favorite songs online streaming. The music library of JioMusic have millions of songs where you can select from.


Jio4GVoice is an alternative to JioChat, where Jio4GVoice some other cool features. You can use Jio4GVoice for video and voice calling with 2G/3G enabled smartphone with the help of JioFi wifi modem. By using Jio4GVoice and JioFi, makes wifi environment with VoLTE, make HD Video and voice call with 2G or 3G smartphones.

MyJio App

MyJio app is the gateway to Jio digital life. This app will help users to manage their Jio account easily. Using Myjio, users can recharge online, track the usage of voice call tarrif, data balance etc. MyJio also provides interface to get all jio apps in just a single click.


JioNewsPaper is the app for get update with news. You will get news latest updates with JioNewsPaper android app.


Enjoy favorite movies with JioCinema app. JioCinema app allows you to stream the movies online with Jio network. Millions of movies are in the library, so that the users can select from JioCinema.


JioNet app gives the connection with Jio wifi network that are located in different location of india. This app will automatically identifies the Jio network and can be connected automatically if you are logged in with Jio account. Jio WiFi located in many places like mall, city etc in india.

These are the major apps by reliance Jio. All these apps are much more valuable and gives high value services. This is one other reason on getting Reliance Jio much popular in india within small time span.

Now recently Jio launched small affordable phones that will compatible with all these apps.

Final Words

Since Jio providing the top services with affordable price, got much popular in india. Jio also going to launch Jio DTH services, that will make another huge competition in the market. JioPhone makes a huge sound in the market, since the amount that spend for the phone will be refunded after couple of years.

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