Redefining Tourism

Traveling to the favorite tourist destinations or searching for the new favorites exploring new places would be the passion for many enthusiasts that include travel in their dreams and ambitions. Most of the enthusiast travelers try to add thrill to their trips including some adventures in the plans such as surfing, paragliding, trekking and so on. Touring would be the most fun-filled experience and many gestures among the groups traveling together can make them memorable.

Slow traveling for fun extended:

One of the most fascinating ways to make the travels interesting would be slowing the trips to enjoy them for a longer time. Slowing down the trips is an art. The aspirant travelers don’t need to actually ‘extend’ the plans in terms of more days and more hours. In fact, trying slow travel is about minimizing the hurry and the mess in the trips that cause hassles.

Own catering for enjoying the trips:

The ‘slow travel’ is about slowing down the enjoyment of the trip by adding engaging activities. Staying in the hotel needs to be avoided. The luxury and comfort of getting the service from the experts in the kitchen, laundry and housekeeping attracts people to stay in the hotel. However, this increases the hassles though it might save some time for the entire group.

The best way to slow down the trips would be renting an apartment for group stay. Self-catering in the kitchen with a contribution of all the members of the group would enhance the team spirit and understanding between the members of the traveling group. In fact, this is the actual intention of traveling together. The interactions while cooking and the terrific experiments in the kitchen would help the group members to understand each other personally.

The team spirit and the mutual understanding would be very effective for enhancing the personal and professional relations.

Comprehensive interactions:

It is important to set the platform for proper communication between the group traveling together. Therefore the ‘slow travel’ concept is about staying at least for a week at one place. Instead of the hurry and hassle to reach the next point for sightseeing and adventures; it would be a great idea to open the communication between each other spending more time. These interactions are very essential to develop the friendships and also to provide opportunities to everyone to bring out the hidden talents while cooking food and any other activities.

When it comes to fruitful interactions, traveling also leads to getting educated about people in various places, their culture, their food, clothing, religious values and so on. This can be possible when the tourists stay in the particular place for around a week. The interactions with the local people, the businessmen, and many others would provide proper idea regarding the culture and the human values. This kind of ‘slow travel’ would be the best way to understand various geographical locations rather than just watching them through a short-term ‘flying visit’. Therefore slow travel needs to be preferred and promoted among the enthusiast travelers.

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