Reactions of Social Media When Gaffigans Announced the End of Jim Gaffigan Show


The Jim Gaffigan Show was one of the most popular American sitcom series that was first broadcasted in 2015 and then in 2016 the second season was started. It is aired by TV Land network. Jim Gaffigan is a famous standup comedian, and he is the mastermind behind the show. His wife Jeannie Gaffigan is the producer of this show. Both of them decide to end up the show after season 2. They want to spend more time with their real five kids who seem more important to them at this stage.

The news is definitely a big one; especially who prefer to watch sitcom series on the TV enjoy some pure laughter. The Jim Gaffigan Show was one of those that have a lot of laughter in every episode. The show is based on the true incidents of this comedian and his wife. They had lived those moments and had experienced them in their life. Now, they want to share them with their audiences with some fictional twists.

The Similarities The Reel And The Real Lives

The show mostly focuses on Jim’s love for foods. Jennie once mentioned that 90% of the props used in the set for the show are foods. There are some significant similarities between the reel and the real life of this comedian. He is a comedian in his real life, and he plays the role of a same in this show as well.

However, it was a conscious decision of the couple from the very first episode that they will never use the tricks and process of being narrative of a standup comedian in his TV show like the other similar shows. This will be the story of the backstage life of a comedian with his wife and five children in a two-bedroom apartment in NYC.

Reason For Declaring The End Of The Show

Mr. and Mrs. Gaffigan think that both of them cannot give much time to their five real-life children who are the most vital project of their life. Though, in a recent post on social media, Jim has stated that both of them will be going to miss the show terribly, but they think that their children need them more than anything else. They also wish to experience the joy of being parents of five beautiful kids by spending more time with them.

Reaction Of The Social Media

The news brings discussion in the social media. Most of the fans of this show feel sorry as they are going to miss their favorite comedy show on TV. However, at the same time, they admire the decision of the makers and praise them for choosing such a classy reason to stop the show at the end of the season 2. Nonetheless, some of the fans think that is the reason having kids can be tough for the professionals like Jim and Jennie. They may need to compromise with their career for their family and children.

No matter, what the world says about their decision, the couple is determined to stop the show and give most priority to their kids right now.


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