Democratic Party of the United States has won the popular vote in five presidential elections since 1992. Till now six presidential elections have occurred and their winning strike rate is excellent. The experts say that Hillary Clinton has an advantage in national as well as swing-state votes through the Election Day. If she becomes successful to maintain the consistency of these advantages, then this year also Democrats will become successful in winning the presidential elections.

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Since the introduction of two-party system election in 1828, Democratic Party is the only one political party in America that has won 5 out of 6 Presidential Elections. According to the historians and politicians, this is not an accident or a con-incident that a political party becomes successful in gaining the popular vote of the people of the USA so many times. This consistency is a matter that everyone expects from the Democrats in this election too.

According to the election experts of the USA, Democrats know how to maintain a relatively stable collision with the dominant party and stay in a favourable position all the time. However, it seems that the Democrats are somehow fallen short of their ancestors who were some of the top Presidents of this country. In their five consistent victories since 1992, the party was able to gain the absolute majority in public vote only for two times, and both the time the Candidate was Barak Obama. As per the current statistics even if Clinton proves to be stronger then also she may not get more than 50% of the popular vote.


Nonetheless, the victory that the Democrats can achieve because of Clinton’s popular vote would mark an unprecedented period of having the partisan advantage throughout these seven elections. They have become successful in gaining that victory by consolidating immense support from various groups in the electorate that are growing. For the election of 2016, they target groups like minorities, Millennial as well as the Whites who are single, secular and college educated. After judging all the aspects, it can be said that the Democrats keep winning because of their high social and political connections and a history of great leaders.

United States presidential election, 2016
United States presidential election, 2016
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