All of you have a very stressful life and the pressures of work with the ones at home are sure to bog you down. The daily grind is sure to take on your health if you do not take necessary measures to keep it fit and healthy. For many of you, the bodies get the idea that you are running from a predator each day every day. There are the constant pressures and challenges you face day in day out can really be harmful. However, with as little as ten minutes in your hand, you can totally get powerful benefits while counteracting the stress. Mediation is that key which has to be included in one’s regimen to get the required benefits.

The Pain

With the help of Yoga, you can say goodbye to and pains inside the body that has been chronic. Any medical journals and research work that yoga has had positive effects on all the pains that exist in anyone’s body. Thus, patients suffering from tension headaches, chronic migraine and backache have been able to bring down their pain. It has only been possible with constant practice of meditation.

Cardiovascular diseases

Many studies of the internal medicine have claimed that patients who have been suffering from coronary diseases after practicing meditation guided have benefitted. The variability of heart rates and blood pressure underwent considerable improvements. Effect of meditation has also been profound in many patients with atherosclerosis. Those practicing it regularly have also brought down the decrease in the stroke rates and heart attacks.


With the help of meditation music, many clinical psychology journals have come up with results where there have been results of decreased anxiety. This has also resulted in an increase in hopes among people. In fact, according to some studies, the terminally ill patients were significantly less anxious and depressed. Those who did not practice it did not achieve these many benefits.


Any kind of sleep meditation can be really beneficial for patients with chronic primary insomnia. It is just a meditation program that has to be followed for a period of three months that shall significantly bring in improvements. The inability to fall asleep shall be cured and one can stay asleep for great durations. You have to be regular with it.


With mindfulness and meditation, one can wonderfully bring down the stress levels. This is because it not only gives the mandatory “down time” for resting emotionally, mentally and physically but impacts the central nervous system directly. The production of chemicals which is related to stress like cortisol have significantly decreased as well. Oxygen consumption is decreased with meditation along with blood pressure, respiratory rates and heart rates.

Relaxation response

With a significant decrease in all kinds of rates, there is an increase of intensity with the delta, theta and alpha brain waves that enhances the response of relaxation. The concept of guided meditation defines that one does not have to find out ways of learning to meditate but just listen. This way you shall renew the waters of your subconscious mind effortlessly. Thus, practice it regularly because it is not just beneficial but is a ten-minute miracle.


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