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Are you interested in gardening? If that is the case, you must also be wondering what to plant in my garden. After all, everyone looks forward to relishing the juicy flavors of fresh vegetables. The fact that they are garden fresh adds to the gardener’s delight. Here is a suggested list of plants and flowers that you can grow in your garden.

  • Red and vibrant tomatoes

You can purchase transplants. You also have an option for planting seeds. Before planting the seeds in a sunny, well-drained location, you have to nurture the seeds indoor for about six to eight weeks. Staking and caging are necessary while planting tomato seeds as these serve as a support system to seedlings which you are planting

  • Vitamin rich cabbage

Soil needs adequate preparation with compost for proper growth of cabbage. If you are keen on planting the seeds ensure that the soil is well prepared. Similar to tomato seeds, cabbage too needs indoor nurturing. Transfer them outdoor before the expected date of frost. Select an afternoon that is cloudy for planting the seeds on soil enriched with manure.

  • Select a seasonal crop

Squash is an example of vegetable that grows during summer. You will come across winter varieties of squash, as well. When you list out what to plant in my garden, make sure that the list includes the summer special squash. That’s because the variety takes very little space to grow.

  • Tender but rich bell peppers

While growing the seeds indoors, ensure that the surrounding temperature is seventy degree Fahrenheit.  The seeds should be germinated and kept in an area that is warm. Before transplanting the seeds, make it a point to enrich the soil with fertilizers. Remember that peppers grow only during summer as the soil’s temperature needs to be 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or more.

  • Nutritious and green beans

The variety doesn’t require transplanting. So, you need not nurture seeds indoors. For planting beans, you need a trellis. The latter serves as a source of support, helping to stake the climbing vines. After the completion of the spring frost, you can sow the seeds. Green beans grow well in sandy soil. The soil temperature should be forty eight degrees Fahrenheit while planting.

  • Enjoy the taste of garden lettuce

Initially, you may have embarked on a small venture, in the sense if you have earmarked a separate area for growing your kitchen garden. Then, it is natural to think what to plant in my garden. Don’t forget to include lettuce because garden fresh variety of the vegetable is superior to those available in supermarkets. The plant not only grows during spring but also during the fall season. The seedlings don’t react to frost. You need to plant seedlings in soil that is rich in the organic matter. The soil temperature can vary between forty-five to sixty five degrees F.

  • Orange root vegetable

It will not be a bad idea to include carrots in your list of options. In fact, if the soil of your area is sandy; then you should include carrots in the list what to plant in my garden. But do remember that the root vegetable requires deep tilling. Plant seed outdoors three to five weeks before the spring frost. While planting ensure that the soil is free from stones. Apply manure after the seeds have been sown.

  • Enhance the radiance with marigold

It is fine that you are taking good care of your kitchen garden. But then, the garden has to bloom. For that, planting flowers is necessary. One of the best options is to plant marigold which adds to the depth and diversity of your summer garden. In fact, both the summer, as well as, the autumnal garden will take on an added hue if you plant marigold. The soil needs to be moderately fertile and the soil needs to be well-drained for planting marigold seeds which only require loads of sunshine.

  • Deck your garden with blanket flower

If the soil around is poor, then, you can plant blanket flowers, in your garden. The perennial flower which is unique for its long-lasting hue is not only heat tolerant but also drought resistant. If you plant the seedlings just before the onset of summer, flowers will bloom all through the fall.

  • Russian sage is another option to consider

If your garden is vast and spacious, then, you should not miss out on the bluish beauty of the Russian sage. The perennial flowers thrive well in sunny weather. They too are resistant to both heat, and drought.

To sum things up

Now you know things to include in the list what to plant in my garden. The list can guide you through the planning process. Even though you might have started off with a small project; you can gradually add to your scope of operation. It all boils down to making the right selection of fruits, flowers, and vegetable. But since you have the list, you have a precious little to worry.

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