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Are you going out on an official tour? Since it happens to be your first business trip, you are more anxious than the rest. As you go up the ladder of corporate hierarchy, you will have several trips to undertake. Hence, it is important that you know how to plan things out. If you are particular about planning and preparing, you will find everything falling in the place. You may have a presentation to make, or a new client to catch up with. As a first-timer, it is all but natural to be nervous. But if you are focused, above all, if you are well prepared, you can successfully face the challenges.

  • Carry just the things that you require

You already know the purpose of your first business trip. Carry files, folders and documents (soft as well as hard copies) which are relevant to the purpose. You can prepare a checklist of the necessary belongings. The list will also include the details of your clothes and accessories which you are going to wear to the clientele meet.

  • List out the following

You should also have a checklist that highlights every single detail of your first business trip. For instance, over there, you can include the name of your hotel, specific reason of the official tour, the client or party whom you are going to meet. The list should have the necessary details of your boarding and return flight, as well. You need not waste time writing out the required information. Instead, you can use the note-making application of your mobile, for the purpose. The app stays with you, and as you complete the different stages of your visit, you can keep updating it, with the relevant facts and figures.

  • Travel light and avoid heavy luggage

If you plan things out carefully, you can include just those things which you need. In that way, you can avoid the hassle of moving around with a huge suitcase. For official visits, you need nothing more than a mid-sized rolling trolley. At the most, you can carry a bag on your shoulder or a laptop bag to accompany the trolley case.

  • Select the right outfit

You are out on an official trip. It pays to create a favorable first impression. So, you should be careful about choosing dresses, shoes and other accessories that live up to the gravity of the occasion. At the same time, your focus should be on travelling light. So, you cannot afford to pack too many dresses. What you can do is select color palettes that go with several outfits. Remember that you should be nicely dressed in formal clothes. However, those clothes should make you feel at ease and comfortable. Keep these factors in your mind while selecting shirts, trousers, ties, shoes, suits and other accessories.

  • Don’t forget to carry your official card

Realize the importance of handing off the official card while meeting clients, customers and the related business partners. It is a standard courtesy and the party with whom you are interacting will also expect that you hand off the official card. Moreover, the card also highlights your designation and academic qualification. So, never travel without the card. Before embarking on the first business trip, request your departmental secretary, or your superior to provide you with one.

  • Carry a writing pad for taking notes

You may think that you have a laptop, for that matter, you can use your mobile app for the purpose of taking notes. Hence, you are likely to overlook the importance of a writing pad. Writing down the minutes of a meeting or a discussion on a note pad goes well with the standardized norms of official formality. On the other hand, it is informal and rude to type out the details on a laptop or a mobile phone.  So, avoid those gadgets while taking down notes and jotting the minutes.

  • Focus on punctuality

Always remember that you have an official commitment to fulfill. Thus, being punctual and respecting the deadline is of paramount importance. The question may relate to reporting for a meeting or arriving at the airport. You should be there, neatly dressed, ready with files and documents, dot on time. If your flight delays, then, you can give a reason, but you shouldn’t be delaying, and miss a flight, on account of that reason.

Attend to the following nitty-gritty

All these preparatory tips and techniques will put you in a good stead. But there are few more details to take note of. Take good care of your clothes. Make sure that they don’t get crumpled or wrinkled while traveling. If you are an introvert and lack the skill of socializing; then, reach out to as many people as possible. The prospect will help you to open up and impress clients and partners during your first business trip. Eat, drink and enjoy, but maintain the record of your receipt. The latter serves as the proof of your expense which your organization will reimburse, once you return.

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