Pivot Power Energy Storage – World’s First and Largest Network or Energy Storage and Vehicle Charging


With the increase in air, water and soil pollution across the world, global warming has become a cause for concern but also a cry on deaf ears. A majority of the people in the world do not understand the significance of promoting an eco-friendlier way of life in order to safeguard the planet for our future generations. The consumption of natural energy resources like coal, petrol, diesel and other such items has become so drastic that countries are not running out of these natural resources! Not just that, the extreme extraction and excavation of these natural resources has left the lands dry and lifeless and has also managed to damage the eco-system largely.

During such testing times, a UK based company called Pivot Power has decided to take it upon themselves to promote a better alternative to natural resource consumption. Pivot Power has opening claimed that they see no barriers to electrification of their automobiles and that if the UK government brought forward its proposed car ban of petrol and diesel cars in 2040, Pivot Power could still meet the challenge! The company is now working on an excellent grid-connected network which will have incredible energy storage and automobile charging to meet the growing demand and supply on the grid! Not just that; Pivot Power’s latest project aims at rapid vehicle charging of up to hundred vehicles at once without any surges in electricity demand! How excellent is that!

Pivot Power claims that the proposed battered network will be a unique one of its kind energy storage sites in the world. They have already identified 45 sites with 50 MW of stationary battery storage for each energy storage site! These sites will be around the major towns, cities and main highways and roads which can potentially support up to 1000 rapid 150KW charges. They can also charger 350KW chargers once they cars that charge that fast are manufactured and sold in the market.

The company has also stated that they are working to ‘accelerate the decline of petrol and diesel’ which is a pretty bold and explicit statement to make on the level that they are on! It is an excellent stance to choose and for the common man, it is refreshing to see clean technology advocates being so ambitious and absolutely clear about their field of work and their motives behind their projects.

According to Pivot Power, the first ten sites will be developed within the next 18 months because they’ll need a lot of time for construction and tech processes involved will definitely require more groundwork. Once these revolutionary energy storage sites start, we can say no to fuel charged automobiles and introduce the battery-charged automobiles in our lives! This will definitely show a massive drop in the air, noise and soil pollutions and will be a lot of most effective to the common man as well as to the government! With Pivot Power’s one of a kind project, we can be sure that the UK will achieve a low carbon transition!

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