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Amidst all the celebrations, pomp, and zeal in the 2016 Paralympics, the sad demise of Iranian Para-cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad has sent shockwaves across the world. The cyclist died after crashing down the slope in the C4-5 classification race. According to the IPC or International Paralympics Committee, the athlete received medical treatment and attention in the field. He was also taken to the nearby hospital but suffered a massive cardiac arrest there.

Golbarnezhad was 48 years old and happened to be one of the most talented athletes in the Paralympics. He was also amongst the star performers in 2012. The entire sports fraternity is completely taken aback at this sudden turn of events. The death of this immensely talented athlete has come up as a major shock for all of them.

The fall of a rising star

Craig Spence, director of ‘media and communications,’ IPC expressed his deepest sorrow over this unfortunate incident. He termed the death of Golbarnezhad as one of the most tragic events in the history of Paralympics. Spence along with other officials, athletes, and the entire Paralympics fraternity offered condolence to Golbarnezhad’s family.

The investigation

According to investigations carried out by IPC, the accident took place in the first turning of the Grumari loop, which happens to be a mountainous stretch of the entire course. The area is quite infamous for some of the previous accidents including:

Annemiek van Vleuten, a Dutch cyclist, crashed on the same track and suffered severe spinal cord fractures along with concussions.

Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali also met similar situations and suffered collar bone injuries. While these athletes are still dealing with their injuries, Golbarnezhad could not survive.

Tributes for the hero

Moments of silence will be observed at the Closing Ceremony for Golbarnezhad. He was a true hero as well as a genuine sportsman. Social media got flooded with comments from the sports fraternity along with people from all walks of life. Every individual paid their tributes to this unabashed and undefeated hero of the Paralympics.

It’s indeed one of the most depressing incidents for the entire sports community. Let’s hope that Golbarnezhad’s family copes up with this irreparable loss.

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