In the contemporary world, most of the countries are the big producers of the Palm oil. The use of palm oil has been pervaded in every corner of the country and it was also found in a probe that this is quite unhealthy. If talked direct to the point, it’s not a matter for the people to battle down the hatches because this particular fruit is available easily in the market and the governments of the various countries are allowing this vicious fruit to be used in oil form.

How it’s vicious for health?

When this fruit is used in oils, what actually happens is that; when it’s heated at high temperature, it turns into the Trans fat, which is not only hazardous for the body but it literally destroys the inner organs as well. Envisioning the repercussions, many times it’s been asked to the oil makers to not to process the oil too much that diminishes the quality of this fruit but who cares about it.

DNAIn its making, it is heated at a high temperature and further it is refined. To evaluate the effects of this oil, animal studies were made and the calculated risks were very hazardous.  Two dreadful things were found and that were genotoxic and carcinogenic that causes cancer and DNA damage.

Many researches have been conducted and the same thing came out as the conclusion. Most of the people are not at all perceived about the aftermath of this oil use and neither the makers are letting them to know it. It’s like people are throwing caution to the wind.  Most igniting point to notice is that, why the companies, which are making this poison, are not stopping it? The answer to this question is that the palm fruit is easily available and it is quite affordable too. So, when the palm fruit is like a dime a dozen then nobody in the world would love to invest more and get less in return.

The consequences on the forest-

 Apart from affecting the human body, this particular plant destroys the life of animals too. This plant requires more area for the plantation that leads to the cutting of more number of tress and this situation makes many animals homeless.

Now, you can see how this fruit is affecting our lives and still with no action is being taken as if it feels that the coast is clear, which is not true. The governments now need to be strict enough regarding the implementations of rules related to the oil making.

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