New Editorial Guidelines By Snapchat: Only Filtered And Authentic Content


Snapchat, now known as Snap Inc is getting very strict about the Discover section of the app. On Monday, a report by New York Times stated that Snap Chat has issued guidelines with regards to publishing. Now, the publishers have to cross check the content for facts in the Discover section; both in the app as well as linked. Unnecessary shocking headline images or misleading images are a strict NO.

These new guidelines on Discover tiles and headlines are against violent and sexualized content and oppose profanity. However, according to Snap, there are few exceptions.  If the content is accompanied by warnings, it might be allowed.

Next month onwards, Publishers will also get the permission to filter out content for below 18 Snapchatters. Discover was launched 2 years back; since then, the editorial team has been working hard to evolve the feel and look of the app. The partners felt that the guidelines must once again be updated thoroughly so that the changes are properly reflected.

Initially, Snapchat might face trouble dealing with the accuracy of all content by publishers. This update took place on the very same day when “The Daily”, the British tabloid posted a series of unverified posts on Snapchat like “Unlock Uri” and “The Bigfeet Family”.

Usually, publishers have complete editorial independence since the company doesn’t follow up with them after accepting them as partners. However, if users raise doubts about accuracy or sourcing, it surely looks into the matter. As of now, Snap Inc hasn’t revealed as to what will it do for removing a piece of content or for discontinuing partnership.

This move against exaggerated and dubious content comes at a time when Twitter and Facebook weren’t willing to fight fake news and scams which proliferate over them. Snap Inc took a firm step because it knows it is important to establish tight control over “Discover” section.

Around 100 million people use “Discover” every month and the company feels that it has indeed taken the right step. According to Snap Inc, the platform should follow publishing values; it must inform and entertain only through credible and authoritative media partners. The trust of the community can be earned only with rewarding, sourced and substantial content. The company says that it is responsible enough to be a source of information, entertainment and news for the community.

Let’s see what difference it makes after these new guidelines are issued.

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