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CEOs and all those people who successfully reach the top echelons of management have a lot of myths associated with them that not only increase a lot of expectations from them but sometimes expect them to come up with miracles to grow or save a company. Here, we bring you some popular myths and truths about successful CEOs.

Myth 1: Highly charismatic and extroverted leaders

One of the myths that surround CEOs of a company is that they are highly charismatic and extroverted leaders. Normally considered as visionaries, these leaders are expected to be highly ambitious and desirous of power. Many times, they are also referred to as celebrity-style leaders.

Truth 1: Charisma is overrated

The truth of the matter is that charisma is overrated. Not all successful CEOs fit the above description. Many leaders are introvert and focus on their work instead of oozing confidence and cheer in the environment all the time. Silent workers can also work very well and deliver amazing results.

Myth 2: Authoritarian style

Another myth that surrounds leaders is that an authoritarian style helps them to get best results. In highly structured organizations, the role of management is to give directions and supervise employees work. There was a time when a lot of focus was on military and policing activities, but times have changed now.

Truth 2: Empower others

In reality, it has been found that leaders who empower others can get better than the best results. Instead of exercising power, they consider it better to help people demonstrate their power. Leaders need to lead people instead of insisting. The team must be trained to take the initiative and complete a project successfully.

Myth 3: Highly educated

Another myth about top CEOs is that they are highly educated and have completed their education from nothing less than premier educational institutions. It is not true. Success is not relative to education. It may have a role to play but not completely.

Truth 3: Blend of experience and education

Studies indicate that educational pedigree has no direct correlation with performance. CEOs gain success not only because of their education but their experience that they gain in the span of their career. This eclectic blend of experience and education help them to bring success in their work and performance.

Myth 4: They must have all the answers

CEOs also have to grapple with another myth concerning them and that they are the top decision makers for a company and as such they must have all the answers, and they must always be right. Failure has always been associated with a sign of weakness, and people do not relate it to a CEO of the company. He is expected to be always in his top form which is not possible.

Truth 4: Mistakes are unintentional

Studies reveal that even top management executives make significant mistakes and get things messed up badly. Despite such mistakes, many of them were successful in retaining their high post or gaining a top job in another company. Mistakes are unintentional, but those who learn from their mistakes are the people who can look forward to gaining success in their job and career.


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