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Technology has grown so much since the last decade. Imagine someone saying in the 90s that there would be phones with a front camera; people would say that either he is in a hallucination or is mad. But now, people are expecting new from every new gadget. With such tech craze, the developers are trying their best in making the customers happy and meeting up to their expectations.

The notch has been the trend of the last year. With the new year approaching, the new creation, hole punch, is arriving. What’s so special about hole punch?

  • The hole punch has the front camera inside a hole, making it lot easier to take a clear-cut picture
  • The phone is designed in a manner to keep the design intact. The hole appears like a diamond just below the display.
  • The main feature is the introduction of the “mega” megapixel smartphone camera. This means more clarity and clear picture.
  • The hole punch has the feature of capturing every tiny bit of the environment without blurring or fading the person. This clarity of the picture is usually seen in DSLR pictures, but with a hole punch, one can now get the experience of clicking clear pictures.

Huawei and Samsung have introduced hole punch smartphones. Notch was designed by Apple, but with the introduction of Hole punch, Apple has to think of something new to take the market in its hands. Huawei was the first one to introduce hole punch, though Samsung was just a few hours late. The hole punch would go global in January. But for now, these phones are going to be on display in China only. There is no fixed price of the hole punch till now yet. One can expect notch to become one of those ancient features that phone used to have. With technology growing every minute, it has become really difficult to keep the position in the market.

With such tough competition, these companies are trying their best to outdo each other. While the size of the hole punch in Huawei is 4.5mm, that of Samsung is of 6mm. While Samsung is always on top of the list for its gadgets, it might be a tad bit difficult for Huawei to sell its hole punch.

Moreover, Apple has to bring some new creativity to beat the hole punch as the tech geeks are definitely going for a hole punch. All those who love taking selfies would definitely switch over to hole punch. The clarity of the picture, the hole punch is definitely going to set a benchmark for all selfie smartphones.

Another surprise for the tech geeks this new year would be from Xiaomi. The company is going to introduce a smartphone with a 48 megapixel camera, though it has not been confirmed yet. Till then, Hole punch smartphones are going to rule the market. There are high chances that Samsung is going to win the competition between the best hole punch smartphone, but you never know..let’s wait till January and hope the best wins.

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