Genee Will Boost Office 365 – Microsoft Purchases AI-Based Scheduling Service


Microsoft, as a tech giant always wants to do something highly active and functional for the users of their products. Recently they have done something interesting to boost one of their most popular programs Office 365. Genee is an AI or artificial intelligence based scheduling service. The main feature of this service is to reduce the stress of doing time-consuming tasks by making them simple and easy. This service mainly works for scheduling as well as the rescheduling of meetings for several companies.

Microsoft hopes that this AI-based scheduling service will boost the performance level of Office 365 to a great extent, and now this program can do the job of maintaining the meeting schedules in more efficient manner.

Some Highlighting Factors About Genee

  • This service was initially started to make time-taking works simple; especially the scheduling of meetings and other events.
  • This service is user-friendly because its language processing is totally natural. It also applies optimized algorithms for making decisions so that the tasks can be performed as smoothly as possible within the shortest time.
  • You can save a lot of time because Genee is ready to send meeting invitations on behalf of you as per your set the contacts for individual events. That means you do not need to bother about sending the invitations once you apply Genee to schedule the meetings.

Microsoft has the plan to amalgamate this alternative intelligence based service to Office 365 before they shut down Genee. An agreement was signed by Microsoft for this. Rajesh Jha, the Corporate Vice President of Outlook and Office 365, has recently declared this in a blog post. According to that agreement, Microsoft will acquire Genee soon.

The History Of Genee

Genee is the brainchild of Ben Cheung and Charles Lee. They are the cofounders of the same. They started this AI-based scheduling service in 2014. However, recently they want to join Microsoft, and thus they prefer to integrate Genee with the Office 365 to give it a better and smarter functionality. They started Genee to simply the task of scheduling and re-scheduling meetings that are highly tedious and complicated.

Their aim was to make the process of scheduling meetings as easy as possible so that they can save their precious time and utilize the same in some other crucial tasks that are related to their business.

The Utility Of Genee

Genee is mainly effective when you wish to send the meeting invitation to a large group of people and when you do not have the access to the calendar of a person.

When you wish to meet any of your clients next week and send him an email regarding that, then you have to send a copy of that email to Genee too. Now, Genee will check your calendar for the next week. It will also streamline the technique of sending him emails to fix the meeting on the date when you are available as per your calendar. Since Genee will send the meeting invitation on behalf of the user thus they can save a lot of time.

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