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How To Make A Tuna Melt: A Mouth-Watering Treat

Tuna Melt

Are you a regular at the restaurants to try the delicious tuna sandwich and you often wonder how to make a tuna melt? It is the most satiating hot sandwich available at eateries and is called the iconic tuna melt. It is easy to prepare and is perfect for brunch or lunch. Following a few easy steps, you can prepare your own tuna melt, restaurant style at home.

Tuna Melt ingredients

The basic ingredients that go in to make that bite of the melt tuna are

  • A can of tuna
  • Onion
  • Garlic & Garlic Mayonnaise
  • Bread
  • Butter & Cheese
  • Tomatoes & Lettuce

    To get the perfect flavor you need some Pickle Relish, a bit of brown Mustard; you also need dry Dill, a pinch of Pepper, few cloves of garlic and salt as per taste. The quantity of the ingredients depends directly on the number of servings.

Mixing the tuna salad

Drain a can of tuna into a strainer, usually taking the white ones. They make a proper salad mix and hold the condiments better. Then mix the fish with a fork add mayonnaise much you like, then use salad dressing, vinegar and olive oil.

Adding more test

Add one tablespoon of pickled relish to the tuna salad. Then add a spoonful of brown mustard, dry dill, pepper, salt, garlic cloves and onions to the mix. You can also add a little amount of curry powder, hot sauce, parmesan and green olives with dried oregano for a different version of the tuna melt.

Preparing the sandwich for Tuna Melt

Choose the bread and choice of cheese you like to put in the sandwich. For classic tuna melt, you can choose simple white bread for a sandwich and a piece of yellow cheese. You can also use rye bread, parmesan and Italian bread for a nice combination. Then on a medium-low pan, heat the buttered slices of bread on each side and toast them crisp. Finally, add cheese slices to round up the sandwich.

Removing the sandwich

Microwave and carefully take some of the tasty tuna salad and place it to stuff the sandwich. After removing the sandwich from heat add tomato slices and raw onion. You can also add green pepper, lettuce, arugula leaves and yellow pepper as a spicy alternative.

Finishing off the delectable sandwich

After having garnished the tasty, juicy and delicious tuna sandwich it is now time for you to dig into it. An easy to make a home snack that requires very little ingredients and even lesser time to prepare. It is a taste bomb and when goes into the stomach moves every inch of your taste buds and leaves an aftertaste that long lives.


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