How To Make A Pop-Up Birthday Card

Wondering! How to make a popup birthday card? Then do not worry as it is very easy actually. Making such a birthday gift stands as a meaningful gesture that agrees for plentiful more personalization attachment than buying a card from a store. Thus you can now wish your loved one a happy birthday in a distinguishing stylishness. These things are available in several designs and are simple to make.

Collecting Materials

In the first step materials like one sheet of white paper, a piece of colored card stocks, Glue, Pencil, Marker and Scissor should be there. The pop-up part is to be made separately and then glued in the greetings. Such blanks of the same color are in use to camouflage the cascading part to an extent.

Front face

To make the card face on of the blanks are to be in the usage by using any procedure that you like. It should have a horizontal feature so as to make the greatest operative use of the spring-operated. The finished face is to be kept aside while processing the pop-up.

Pop- Up Element Preparation

To make a simple pop-up create a 1 ½ line from folded edge parallel to the next. The line can be drawn anywhere along the fold, but it should not be closer than ¾” from both side. Then drawing of two vertical lines will be there from the first line to the folded edge—about 2½” at a distance and corresponding to each other. The left line must be about ¾” from the left side of the thing blank. The vertical line from the folded edge to the horizontal line is to be cut. The cut steps are folded on the horizontal line along the cut lines. Now Unfold.

Gluing Up Together

The then the opening of the card blank takes place by pushing the steps over to the other side. The pencil lines being on the outside, the card blank is folded at a 90° angle. Finally, glue the automatic elements. Then sticking of the self-opening mechanism inside it takes place by aligning the edges.

The Finished Product

Glue all the pop-up essentials to the steps and decorate the same behindhand and everywhere the pop-up steps. More cut-out images can be stamped or add a greeting or a message. Use more of your mind’s eye! And let it happen.


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