They are a great way to learn the basics of animation too. There is a funny and innovative art idea behind every flipbook. So if you find it fun, you can make a flipbook on your own.

Creating Your Flipbook

There are some very simple steps involved in the process. The fascinating thing is that you would need just a simple notebook and a pencil. The notebook can be one with a standard binding or a spiral binding. A spiral binding would make the flipping more effective.

  1. The pages or the frames

First, decide the number of pages you will need. The number of moving frames decides the paper count. Normally, a movie shows you 30 frames in a single second. This would make your job too difficult as it needs much more drawing. For your purpose, at least 5 and at most 15 frames will be okay.

  1. Decide on What You Would Animate

Then decide on the moving figure that you will draw or create on your flipbook. Decide something according to your likings. You don’t require being a great artist for that. It can be a living being or even a non-living object. It can be your favorite animated character or any cute animal that you love. Simple figures like bouncing balls can work wonders in a flipbook!

  1. Start drawing the figures

Now take the notepad or notebook and make sticky notes together. This would ensure the notebook flips properly. Go the ending page of your flipbook and draw the figure you have decided. Preferably use a pencil so that you can correct mistakes. You can make an additional background to the figure. It can be an airplane with clouds in the background.

  1. Draw For the Second Time

The make the second drawing on the next page. Draw the same subject, in the same form. But to create that effect of motion you must draw the figure at another position. Do this by viewing the page where the previous figure was drawn. Drawing figures at large distances will create much faster moving effects. This is the key step in learning how to make a flipbook.

  1. Keep repeating this process

Keep repeating this process till you have achieved the number of frames that you decided at the start. Draw the figures, each time at a different place from the previous page. Adjust the distance between two successive figures the way you want it to move. It is ideal to plan every movement. Fit the whole movement within the pages you have.

  1. Flip to See Whether it looks Alright

After you have finished the entire drawing, try the flipping action to see whether you can make the movement. If you find that the movement is not as desired, revise your drawings. After this, make necessary corrections wherever possible. You can then make outlines in the pages by a marker to understand your corrections. This is a very helpful tip in learning how to make a flipbook.

Fascinating Pieces of Art

Thus making a flipbook is this easy! It is fun yet so simple. You can create dozens of such flipbooks with different ideas. You can make modifications too, by tricks such as using photos. This will make the ‘movie’ more vivid. If you have a creative bent of mind, you will love it. Utilize your free time by indulging in such fun-filled and fascinating artwork. So try these tricks out and enhance your creativity.

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