Even after being acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, LinkedIn still stays strong as a social network and enjoys around 470 million users, isn’t it amazing? For those who are bored of its classic look, we have some good news for you.LinkedIn is finally on its way to unveil a brand new design for the desktop site; yes you heard it right! Now, it will sport an app like simple look and is all set to offer a wonderful messaging experience. According to the new design, the messages would pop-up on the home page and not only this, it’ll bring some updated search features as well.

The company is working on the new look and would be rolled out globally within few weeks. Chris Pruett, the director of Engineering at LinkedIn says that this is the biggest update which the site will receive, ever since the time it has been launched. The main idea behind this revamped version is to enhance the functionality as well as look of the site.

Basically, it will reduce clutter by getting rid of navigation to main 7 areas i.e. Search, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, Me (Profile), Notifications and Home. What’s more? Now, links to new projects can be found with great ease; isn’t it a cherry on the cake?

Mainly, the revamp will concentrate on its approach to private messaging and also the betterment of public feeds. Chatting on home screen through pop-ups will drive away all hassles; no need of going to a separate page or driving away from the main page.

One more benefit you’ll get is from the “Chatbots”. Yes, LinkedIn is introducing its own chatbots, which will completely guide you about dealing with employers/ companies and will make suggestions. This way, breaking the ice is going to be simpler than ever before, don’t you think so? Moreover, the feed will be filled with several algorithms that will suggest sponsored and organic content; this is the new ad unit which will soon be expanded. As compared to before, you would be getting more suggestions about following people and more content from the editorial team of LinkedIn.

Wondering why such changes? Well, LinkedIn’s main intention behind this major revamp is keeping the people glued to the site for long term. People always want suggestions for their work life and news alerts for the same; the company aims to make everything better!

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