Long Distance Relationship

Are you away from your partner? That in turn, finds you in a confused state. You are worried about the barrier of place. You heard friends telling that it is going to disrupt the relationship. But there are ways whereby you can make things work out. Despite being discouraged by friends and family members, try and implement the following tips for long distance relationship.

  • Try not to be over possessive

Give your partner space. Similarly, he should respect your need for space. You have to be in touch, but then, you should also know where to draw the line. To make a relationship work out, you need not make a phone call after every hour. If you text a message, at the drop of a hat, a phase will come when you find yourself bored. See that you don’t exhaust yourself unnecessarily by knowing where to stop.

  • Treasure the fond memories

Just reflect on the moments of happiness. You would not mind treasuring how lovingly you dined out, sat together at the coffee table and felt one another’s touch.  With these, in your mind, you can steer clear of anxiety. The fact that you are away from each other should not be looked upon as a cause of anxiety. Instead, you should treat it as an enlightening experience which is giving you the opportunity to test the depth and intensity of love, that which you have for one another.

  • Be clear about each other’s expectations

You should be clear about what you want from your partner, and vice versa. In that way, you will know how to deal with the barrier of place. For instance, you may not like your partner to go out on dates. If that is so, you should emphasize on that level of commitment. Be open with one another and fix up the ground rules. A long distant relation can thrive if both the partners are committed about conforming to the ground rules.

  • Take care of one another’s feeling

Yes, it is a fact that you shouldn’t be over possessive. Neither, .do you need round the clock communication? But make it a point to show that you love, feel and care. Updating the other about the mundane regular happening, sending pictures, romantic videos and audio clips helps both stay tuned in and connected.

  • Attend to your sexual tension

The tension is likely to crop up once you are away from each other.  But you can handle this tension, in a sensible way. Once in a while, you will not mind sending pictures that are provocative or text out messages that have sexual innuendoes. These gestures can prevent both the partners from separating, despite the barrier created by place.

  • Take your partner into your confidence

Both should be reassuring to each other. If you know that your partner does not like heavy boozing, then, you should avoid doing the same, for that matter avoid things which cause displeasure to your partner.  Then, you may choose hanging out with your friends, until the early hours of dawn. In that case, inform your partner of your plan so that he doesn’t become unnecessarily suspicious.

  • Do things which bring you close to one another

There are loads of online games. Both of you can take time out to take part in an online encounter. As you make a video call, sing a song, or sit down playing guitar so that he can catch a glimpse of the same. Similarly, you can fix up a common time slot in which to watch an online video.  Nowadays, on account of the availability of the online platform, it has become possible to break the barrier of space. Make sensible use of that platform.

  • Be creatively responsive and spontaneous

Send gift to your partner, when he least expects the same. In that way, you can take him pleasantly, by surprise. You are already aware of his likes and dislikes. Recommend a book or a movie that he is likely to appreciate. Discuss topics which are interesting and likable to both of you. From exchanging views on the latest political scenario to talking about sports, films and business ventures; you will not run short of topics. But while interacting on these, make sure that you are quick, responsive and spontaneous.

  • Know the objective of your relationship

It is said that short distance quickens love, but long distant kills it. You should know how long you are going to be away from one another. Find out when you are going to settle down. What are your plans for the future? This is another vital question that needs to be addressed by both the partners, before embarking on a long distance relationship. If you are clear about your objective, then, you will have little or no hassle in giving the association a meaningful direction.

Don’t undermine the importance of visiting

You have been away from one another for a long time. So, now is the time to meet, mix, celebrate and enjoy. These can only happen if you visit one another, at a regular interval. You can help yourself by chalking out a schedule that addresses the issue. Mutual visits are must if you look forward to sustaining the bond. In that way, you can prove what your partner means to you, and vice versa.

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