How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You: Learn To Decode Their Feelings


How To Know If A Shy Guy Likes You for sure? These guys act in a different manner compared to extrovert ones. Some men are very expressive, and they will let you know of their feelings. However shy guys are not very straightforward and it is very tough to interpret them. They cannot be decoded easily, and they never let you know their feelings. Let us discuss some signs that indicate he likes you.

Avoiding direct eye contact

These guys will stare at you, but they are quick to avoid eye contact if they catch you gazing at them. They will look down or sideways and will become very conscious. They will talk through their eyes but not in a direct way. He might provide a polite smile but will avert his gaze.

Blushes while talking

You will notice that he has a pink flush on his cheeks even when he is having a casual conversation with you. These sorts of guys are very sensitive, and if they have an obsession with you in their mind, they will become overly conscious, and their natural shyness will be reflected by way of blushing.

Stammering while conversing

This is a telltale sign that he has a crush on you. Start a casual conversation with this guy and look at the way he responds. See if he engages in the conversation, and he looks all around the room fervently avoiding his glance. He also starts stammering while responding then that is a definite sign he adores you.

Gathers your number from his friends

A typical extrovert guy will ask your number directly. But a shy guy will not do that. He is tongue tied. He will gather your number through common friends or from other sources. He will summon up the courage and text you messages on some pretext or the other if he cares about you.

Sensitive to your touch

He will react in a very conscious manner if you happen to touch him even just casually. He might move away all of a sudden with rosy cheeks and become awkward and jumpy. This indicates that your touch is special to him and means a lot.

Be perceptive

These tips will be able to guide you. Now you can tell if a shy boy likes you and even if he cares about you he is just too shy to tell you. Just keep your eyes open and be perceptive. It might be frustrating for you that you are not being approached directly, but this is how they react.


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