How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy and Strong

How to Keep Your Relationship Healthy and Strong

Have you ever wondered what the untold secret of happy and strong ties is? There are not one but many reasons that are attributed to a robust and happy relationship. It is a given that petty fights and arguments are bound to occur, but if you follow certain rules, there shall be no complications. Disagreements are part and parcel of life and forming a healthy relationship takes effort and cannot be achieved overnight. Whatever is done to keep your penny shining brightly shall be from both of your ends. The secret is decoded in the following points, and these four commandments are what you should abide by.


Communicate betterThe most significant quality of a healthy relationship can talk to each other every time. It is all about vocalizing your love and if that requires you to propose your love all over again then why not. Offer compliments to each other and honestly put forward each and everything that is bottled up inside even if it is something awkward.

Not quantity but quality Relationship Quality

No matter how much time you spend with each other, it is the quality and not the quantity that is of prime importance. It is fine to enjoy time together and zone out once in a while, but you should make sure that you are spending and still engaging quality moments. Aim to have dinner together after a long day at work.

Appreciation in RelationshipAppreciation

Often life becomes mundane and seeing the same person beside you all the time. Therefore you often forget to appreciate each other. Rekindle the romance in your marriage by displaying small acts of love and kindness like gifting flowers, cards, and small gifts. Remember that a flower each day keeps all your fights at bay.


Respect is a two-way traffic where you must only expect it in return when you give it. When in a relationship you must never try to control your partners. You both are equals, and no one is the boss, and the other is the subordinate. A happy relationship has its roots in respecting partner’s character, time and heart.

Fall in love all over again

Loving AgainComfortable companionship is the main tenet to keep a relationship away from rusting with time. The secret to the lasting attraction is having each other’s back at all times despite all odds. You should always on each other’s good and not the bad because no one is perfect. Each one of you is infallible therefore picking new faults every day is never going to be of any help. When it is a relationship that you want to bloom always follow the gardener’s analogy. This says that you must water things you want to grow and not weeds which mean let them know what you fancy about them.


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