If you are an Apple iPhone fan, then probably you are dying to get the news of Apple iPhone 7. Well, your wait ends here; the phone will release in September 2016. Yes, it is confirmed now from various sources that September 7th is the date when Apple is going to introduce the latest iPhone avatar in the market. It is also said that from September 9th the pre-orders of iPhone 7 will begin. This again confirms the news about the launching date of this new Apple iPhone model.

How the Date is Leaked?

In some recent articles on the advanced devices, it was stated that Apple is going to bring its latest iPhone model in September this year. Those who were waiting for the tentative date of this launch now can have some sleep. The key specification and other exciting features of this phone were leaked in the market earlier. Now, some people think that it is a publicity gimmick of the company, and some people think it was a really hard time for Apple that all of their surprises are leaked. Though some people pinned down the date as September 16th, but they failed to show any substantial evidence to proof their statement right. However, the month is confirmed.

The Wait is Over

Whatever it is, the fans of iPhone feel extremely thrilling by this news. Interestingly Apple launched its previous model iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in last year September too; it was 9th at that time. It was also a Wednesday. However, it took almost two weeks to become available in the stores for the general users. It seems that both the company and their fans try to focus on the next year’s iPhone from now. Some people think that Apple wishes to augment the releasing schedule of the iPhone 7 to counter the grand success enjoyed by Samsung because of the launching of a new range of Galaxy Note. However, it is expected that the fans of iPhones now can have their favorite model on the store from the middle of September.

Apple’s Own Strategy

Along with the release date, there is some news related to the great features of this new device. The home button got the maximum buzz. It is said that Apple is going to have the pressure-sensitive technology for the home button from MacBook computers. However, coming back to the release date, experts consider that releasing all the iPhones on September now becomes a business strategy for Apple. People will expect them to do something bigger and smarter in every September, and they enjoy this thing. This will also increase their market share in that particular time as they receive a higher selling point every year at this time.


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