Smartphone Addiction

Are you becoming a reclusive person because of your smartphone addiction in recent times?  A vast majority of the people have developed a fixation on the screen of the phone. Nowadays spending quality time with the near and dear ones is becoming a thing of the past because people are wasting more time on their electronic devices.  People are failing to acknowledge each other because of the presence of these digital devices. The impact of the mobile phones on the behavioral pattern of the members of the society is huge. You can say that these devices are playing a dominant role in our lives.

Impact on the society

Of late Google is thinking of ideas so that the smartphones are no longer an addiction. One of the strategies the core team is thinking is setting time limits on apps. The objective is to do the design in such a manner so that users can ignore it.

  • Digital wellness

After months of waiting, the beta version of Google’s new operating system Android P is finally here. The stable version is expected to be released sometime in August.

  • Curb your addiction

Google wants to add a humane touch to your digital devices. This version is loaded with features which will help you to fight against addiction.

  • May block after the expiry of the pre-set timer

This update will allow you to view how long you have been using the application. It may end up blocking you after the expiry of the pre-set timer.

  • Do not disturb

It allows you opportunities to go off to sleep because it is equipped with a Do Not Disturb setting.

  • Creation of awareness

Attempts are being made to create awareness of the new features in the upcoming device through a recently held digital conference.

New functions

It is gradually dawning on the technology companies the magnitude of dependency of the users on these digital devices and the extent of distraction they are capable of causing.  Even health practitioners have stated the hazards caused by these phones.

  • Application dashboard

If you look at the application dashboard, you will get an overall view of how you have put your phone to use. You will get to know about the applications which you have used the most and also the time spent by you on each of those applications. This will hopefully make you understand that you were involved in these digital platforms for a longer duration than necessary.

  • Application timer

From the device dashboard, you can gain access to the applications which you constantly use. You may want to set time limits, and this is an effective solution for those kids who spend way too much time on these gadgets. When you approach the deadline, your home screen will become gray, and you will not be able to launch anything.

  • Elimination of blue light

The blue light on the device may keep you awake throughout the entire night. The wind-down feature will help in eliminating the blue light with the approaching bedtime, and the screen will turn to grayscale.

Play a proactive role

As a user, you will also have to play a proactive role because you will need to activate the wellbeing features on your phone to derive those advantages. If you pay close attention, you will be able to use your phones less, and you will be able to get rid of your addiction.

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