Have you always wished for an intuitive Instagram experience on the web? Then you are in luck. This famous photo sharing app is conducting tests so that it can introduce Direct Messaging on the web. This indicates that pretty soon from a desktop browser or mobile you will be able to send text messages through this social networking app.

Time to celebrate

At the present moment, the web users are only able to scroll through instead of being able to post their stories. This is because this photo and video sharing app do not have the Direct Messaging feature. So finally the time has come for you to celebrate. It will be possible in the near future to send memes from your computer. Irrespective of whether you are on a desktop, Mac or PC, an iPhone or any other web browser on a mobile platform you will now be able to send messages to other Instagram users in private.

Messages a major draw

Facebook bought the social networking application in the year 2012. It is the presence of a web version which has the capability of making it an SMS alternative instead of being merely attached as a supplement. It is through messages people can get more engagement. As soon as individuals realize that their near and dear ones are able to receive their messages irrespective of their location they will be motivated to send more and more contents. In the process of waiting for some replies, the users can pass their time browsing through the ads.


Web experience

You may be happy to note that Instagram has plans for enhancing the web experience of the users by making it more app-like. At present, the company is undergoing tests regarding Instagram Direct design on the web. The Instagram Direct icon is on the upper right side of the screen. As soon as you tap on it, you will be able to come across your list of messages. So far Instagram has been criticized on many occasions for its failure to access Instagram Direct from any of iPhone application. Once Instagram starts lending support to the direct message to the web, then the scenario is going to through a radical transformation.

Expected soon

When Instagram was contacted, and requests were made for passing comments before the press, but it did not respond. The web experience on this platform has never captured much attention as that of its native counterparts. The company issues statements only when they have conducted tests on the public. So it is not clear to the general public when this company is going to launch Instagram Direct support for the web. People are on the hope that it will take place sooner.

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