Have you always been called a dunce and have been intrigued on how to increase IQ levels? Give it some time and you can. Studies have shown that high levels of intelligence and success in life seem to have a direct correlation. Intelligence is not synonymous with being trivia or book smart. It is your ability to manage and manipulate life with your mind. Follow these basic steps to enhance your IQ.

Improving relational skills

There is a strong correlation between relational skills and IQ scores. Improving relational skills, in turn, increases your IQ score. These are simply the comprehension of understanding relationship of mathematics between objects or concepts. Having a firm handle on these relationships has been shown to intensify thinking.

Enriching language

It is widely accepted that if you hail from an environment rich in a language you will have an enhanced intellectual acuity. But those who do not hail from such an environment can make up for those shortfalls by enhancing their vocabulary.

Eating healthy food and Exercising

It is suggested that people consuming a healthy diet and engaging in vigorous regular exercises seem to have higher IQ and better memory. Specific foods such as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and proteins. Indulging in aerobic and anaerobic exercises stimulates neurons to produce neurotransmitters related to mental alertness.

Appealing to the experts

There are times when you are unable to find answers to your patent questions from the mind even from the reference books or the internet. Ask experts when that happens. Always stick to knowledgeable sources. A lot of incorrect information circulates hence put your bet on facts backed with evidence.

Having a growth mindset

A relatively recent finding states that mindset matters both on a psychological and emotional level. Believing the fact that in an environment of learning more enhances performance and keep trying with the tasks even when they are difficult helps you reach the finish line.

Doing brain training

Caution yourself to avoid charlatans and pseudo-scientists. There are techniques and many brain training programs in the market that have been found in scientific research for being helpful in improving your memory and raising your IQ like training of the relational skills.

Stepping outside comfort zone

Now that you have all that it takes to increase the IQ. Step outside the comfort zone by learning things outside your current skill set like learning to play music, trying out a new language and dancing. The important thing is to keep exercising your brain in new ways and expanding its objective networks. Keep your brain active and fit.


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