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CCTV camera stands for closed circuit television which is one of the inevitable technology which plays a huge role in our day to day life directly as well as indirectly. CCTV cameras are one if the mandatory gadget which should be installed in all the public places. The major application of CCTV camera is to make a surveillance of the entire area. The camera will record all the activities through it lens which can be viewed later for any of the verification purposes. After registration implementing the CCTV cameras in all the public areas reduced the crime rate of up to 16% worldwide. 

Types of CCTV Camera: 

There are many types of CCTV cameras based on the functioning of it. The classification is based on the functioning of the camera, the lens it has and also many. The types of camera are listed below.

#1. Wireless: Wireless cameras are very common these days as it consumes very less hardware and the sole hardware is nothing but the cam holding the lens. The coverage and the data captured over the lenses are transmitted through network protocol also known as IP. The data will be stored in the cloud.

#2. C and CS Mount: C mount lenses are very popular among the photography cameras which are also implemented in CCTV cameras as well. The C mount the CCTV camera can cover up to the distance over 40 meters in length whereas other CCTV cameras can cover the maximum length of 35 meters. C mount lenses are also accompanied by CS lenses sometimes for the purpose of covering more length intentionally.

#3. High Definition CCTV Camera: General CCTV cameras will have the video quality of up to 480 pixels which is the default clarity. The CCTV cameras with HD lenses are capable to provide the footage with the clarity of up to 1080 pixels. HD lenses in CCTV cameras are more common in the public places as it helps to identify each face with clarity if CCTV camera.

Advantage of cctv camera


#4. Night Vision CCTV Camera: Night vision cameras can make the footage and it can identify the characters in dark as well. These cameras are operated with infrared lenses which have the capacity to capture the images and videos in dark circumstances.

#5. Dome CCTV Camera: Dome is the first prototype of a CCTV camera which was launched at the initial stages and the prototype is quite successful and it is functioning till now with some makeovers. The dome CCTV cameras have a dome-shaped cover and it has a lens inside it. The dome-shaped structure is to hide the lens. The reason is that the lens is capable of moving around and the dome is to hide the lens facing direction.

#6. Network CCTV Camera: Network CCTV camera is the Base for wireless cameras. The network camera is wired as well as wireless. The wired network camera shares the data by using the network or IP. The wireless camera will function in the way as discussed above.

Advantages of CCTV Camera: 

CCTV camera provokes the secure feeling in the minds of every beneficiary. If the CCTV camera is placed in a shopping mall it induces a fear in the mind of people who are trying to steal the items available. It provides a secure feeling and it haddock the capability to show what had happened previously.  The CCTV camera plays a major role in identifying crimes that are occurring in the surrounding it got placed. There are also some disadvantages to placing CCTV surveillance. The people are feeling that they are getting monitored all day and time and the liberty of the people will start to fade out as the time evolves.

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