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How to travel on a budget? You can take a vacation without spending a hefty sum with the following tips. Now and then each of us requires a getaway. Taking a well deserved break does not mean spending a fortune. Many cheap flights are available. Not all travel destinations are pricey. No recession of the economy can influence the travel bug. However, it is important how you manage your budget well while travelling. To create a trip of your dreams you have to utilise your skills.

Here are some ways which will help you on a travel budget.

Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Bed and breakfast establishments offer overnight lodging and breakfast. The price of a hotel is double than a bed and breakfast inn. The charm of putting up in old fashioned homes away from homes is appealing to many travellers. The personalized service, hospitality and the atmosphere make the bed and breakfast popular among travellers.

Avoid Touristy Restaurants

Restaurants owned by local people serve quality food at reasonable prices. Try to avoid restaurants serving multilingual menus. You can save if you go for the daily specials.

Off Season Travel

Cheaper air travel and availability of budget rooms are the main attractions if you are an off season traveller. If you avoid the peak season then cities like London, Rome are fun travelling any time of the year.

Eat Seasonal Food

The fresh produce changes with the changes in seasons. Due to the availability of fresh produce at cheaper prices it’s better to order food made with seasonal products.  They are cheaper.

Use a Guide Book

Organizing a tour guide costs a lot of money. It is more economical to buy a guide book and absorb maximum information about the place you are going to visit.

Family Owned Business

The mom and pop shops offer cheaper products because they have family members helping them out.

For Day to Day Funds ATMs are the Best

The question how to travel on a budget haunts the traveller especially from the funds perspective. ATM is still the cheapest choice for changing your money, though some banks charge high fees for their ATM transactions. Make large withdrawals and minimize these transaction fees. In an emergency, travellers cheques can still be cashed but with a hefty fee in most cases.

Use Museum Passes

With museum passes you can have direct access to museums without having to wait in queues. You save more, if you end up visiting more.

Use Public Transit

You have many options of navigating around when you go on a trip. Use public transit whenever possible. It is the best option to save money and you can get an exposure to the lifestyle of the local people.

Shop around in Cheaper Countries

Shoppers on a budget should do their shopping in cheap countries provided you do your shopping homework in advance. From a variety of bargain shops and street shops, you can buy exotic stuff.

Travel with a Companion

It is less stressful when you travel with a partner. It is also safer to have someone keeping an eye on your belongings, while you have stepped out. You can share the costs with your companion. You can share the dinner bill or the room stay and it will be easy on the pocket.

Keep in touch with your Family

Purchase local calling cards to make outgoing calls to your near and dear ones.

Car Rental

In most parts of the world, a feasible way to get around is by using rental cars. You enjoy freedom and flexibility by renting a car when you are travelling.

Search for Consolidator Tickets

You can save a fortune by looking for consolidator air tickets during the peak season. A personal traveller can save a lot using these consolidated airfares provided you have planned way ahead.

Department Stores and Flea Markets

If you are browsing for souvenirs or local art pieces go to local department stores. They have a wide variety of goods of different designs, colours and styles for the customer to make a selection. Flea markets sometimes offer great values but you have to haggle with the sellers.

Avoid using Travel Agents

Try to avoid using the services of travel agents. They offer room finding services and charge exorbitantly for them. For accommodation reservations, use guide books.

Use Budget Airline

The growth of competition among different airlines has resulted in affordable air travel. To avail cheaper airfare, it is good to book the flights well in advance. Fly into one city and fly out of another city. You can save money if you do not have to return to your starting point. Try to go to destinations which offer budget shopping towards the end of your trip.

In today’s world, travelling is regarded as a luxury for most people. However splurging with lots of money on airfare and lodging is not always possible. The budget friendly suggestions for travelling will help you to reach your dream destination while saving a lot of money. You will have an amazing experience without shelling out the dough from your pocket.

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