Monsoon Tyre Tips

Monsoons are in full swing which means that you need to ensure all your vehicles are in prime condition before you hit the roads. During the monsoons, there is a lot of water logging which means that the chances of breaks getting jammed and the car battery acting up are high. To ensure your car runs smoothly throughout the monsoons, here are a few tips to prepare your car for the rains –

  1. Check the tires
    Check all your car tires to ensure that the treads are at least 2mm wide. The treads are basically the grooves on the car tires which allows the water to flow through easily below the rubber. It is also a good habit to regularly check the tire air pressure to ensure that the tires have sufficient air pressure for them to run smoothly on the waterlogged roads.
  2. Replace old windscreen wipers
    Windscreen wipers aren’t used much during the summers which means that the chances of the rubber getting hardened is high. It is best to directly replace your windscreen wipers before the monsoons to ensure you don’t have any trouble with the visibility when driving in heavy rains. Good windscreen wipers also ensure that there are no scratches on your windscreen so be sure to invest in the best quality ones. They aren’t very expensive either!
  3. Pre-monsoon car servicing
    Regular car checkups are a must bet it monsoons or summers. In monsoons, additional care needs to be given to the wiring, headlights, tail lights as well as wipers because these are needed the most during this time. Generally, car service centers provide packages for monsoon car servicing for cheaper servicing of your car. Get all the fluids topped up for your car such as your coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, etc.
    Car tips in Monsoon Season
  4. Tiny paint touchups
    If you have scratches and dents on your car where the paint has come off, it is a good idea to apply some car wax polish to these areas and buff them till the area shines. Tiny scratches will catch rust, and these will eventually become a huge problem with the metal falling apart. This wax polish prevents the water and humidity from seeping in and lasts for at least 3 months if not more. Another excellent option is an under-body anti-rust treatment which prevents the below-exposed materials from rusting.
  5. Other general tips
    An excellent tip to prevent odor in the car is to place rubber mats on your car’s carpets. This prevents the carpet from getting wet and dirty all the time and also prevents the odor. Rubber mats are super easy to clean as well. For squeaky door hinges, spray some WD-40 to ensure the doors open and shut properly especially during the rains.
  6. Monsoon driving tips
    Plan your lane changes in advance because, in monsoons, the brakes can get slightly wonky. Also, keep away from puddles as much as you can. If these cannot be avoided, drive slowly with proper acceleration to avoid water from getting into your exhaust.
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