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How to paint on your own – the best advice from Loveland Painters

How to paint on your own – the best advice from Loveland Painters

Probably not few are those who, over time, wanted to decorate their home, but they did not have anyone to trust in helping them. Because most of us are afraid to resort to a craft that we do not know. The painter does not require advanced knowledge, but only goodwill and some skill.

Why do you need to paint yourself?

Before you go on and paint, make sure you release all the walls of the furniture objects and cover the furniture and the floor with plastic foil. Then, keep all tools and materials you need during the painting operation: brush, roller, quail (if you are using the colter), spacer, abrasive paper, full strip, primer, plaster or gypsum, paint washable (or lime) and paint for paint. With adhesive tape, covers door and window frames, sockets and switches in the joint area with the wall to prevent dirt from staining. Once this precursor stage has been completed, here’s how you paint. See this.

Until you begin to paint, prepare the walls

If necessary, the walls are prepared by removing the old painting gap, which is to fall. The holes and cracks in the wall are repaired, and if they are too thick, they are filled with plaster, only then the plaster is applied. In the next step, the abrasive paper is sanded to the areas where the repairs were made; the ductwork walls cleaned out of the repairs with a clean brush, then the application of the primer, which has the role of fixing the paint on the walls, is carried out. The primer was prepared from glue mixed with water in a ratio of 1/10. After the glue is thoroughly mixed with water, apply it directly to the walls to wet them. Then we wait between 30 and 90 minutes for the moisture to enter the walls.

Whether you choose to paint with washable or lime paint, it is essential to start with the ceiling. Leaving it afterward, you risk spraying the newly painted walls. At the same time, the white color of the roof will have to “descend” on the wall, on an area of about 8 centimeters. This edge is located between the roof and the line where the color begins on the wall. It can be obtained by making small pencil marks from place to place around the room. Then stick the adhesive tape below the demarcation line you made with the pencil, and you will know that up to the adhesive tape you can go with the paint on the ceiling. After the roof has dried a little, you can remove the adhesive tape, and you can start painting with the color from the demarcation line down.

Additional info:

How to paint with washable paint

Buy quality washable paint to cover the walls well. Do not dilute it with more water than necessary. Otherwise, you will have to lay more layers.

Before you begin painting walls with roller shutter, use a brush with which you can quickly wash the edges of the walls. Once you’ve finished painting the four corners of the room, take the trap, soak it in the paint and then drain it well on the grill to remove the surplus. It is critical to paint a surface once (for example, all the ceiling once or a whole wall at one time) to prevent the paint stripes from drying out. If you have drawn the next strip next to an already dried piece, the line of union of the two stripes will remain unsteady. You can reach out to Loveland painters for professional painting.

How to paint on your own - the best advice from Loveland Painters

How do we paint with a color?

If you want to have colored walls, do not put all the color all at once in the washable paint. Add a small amount, mix very well and try with a brush on the wall. If you want a more intense shade, you can add color later. Wait until the first paint coat has dried out, then, if necessary, you can also give a second coat.

Note that, after drying, the zest of the lime loses much of its intensity, so you need to put a more significant amount of color. Only the shade of the walls will be the one you want.

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