Online dating can be an exhausting experience, but to the modern society, life is meaningless if you’re not on the web. Some people say that their dating experience has been like playing a videogame. It sounds off-putting even when you know that there is an actual human being operating the profile. However, you don’t have to share the same fate if you can follow the guidelines given below. After all, if you’re ready to play the videogame, then you might as well play it proficiently.

  1. Keep it minimal: Group photos look good but as long as you post them on regular social media websites. Unless you’re doing something remarkably cool, there is no use posting group photos on dating sites. Multiple faces lead to confusion, or worse, your date could find someone else in the group picture more attractive than you.

    cute little puppy
    Cute Little Puppy
  2. Don’t rely on made-up cuteness: You put up a photo with a cute little puppy, but when someone comments that it is cute, you say that the dog isn’t yours. It is a highly off-putting situation for some. You can exploit the cuteness of an animal but make sure that it is yours. Don’t steal somebody else’s adorability to enhance yours.

  3. Don’t hide: It is imperative that you reveal your face. First impressions are still the key to somebody’s heart. If someone can’t tell what you look like, the reaction isn’t going to last. Dating apps reduce a person to a mere few wisecracks and images. So, the photographs are essential. Always set up a current picture where your face is visible.

    Dating Apps
    Dating Apps
  4. Avoid copying: There is a regional factor that always comes into play. It is common not only in dating apps but also in other social media sites. Almost every man is standing on top of a cliff, and every woman is inside a yoga class. The picture traits vary from place to place. You are showing off your favorite pastime activity but limit it to one picture at a time.
  5. Don’t spill out all: The point of going out on a date is to get to know each other. Of course, you two are going to need some common topics to discuss on like favorite movies, TV shows, music artists or bands, etc. However, if you spill all the beans at once, then you won’t have much to discuss when on the date. Being all enigmatic about your character isn’t worthwhile either.

  6. Speak the truth: Open relationships and polyamory is gaining popularity, and it is commendable. Then again, it isn’t appealing to everyone out there. If you already have a partner, then don’t hide that information from your potential date. Otherwise, the situation can be quite a bummer.


So, step forth and throw your dice on the table. Play the game and play it well. There are ways to cheat, but that won’t do you any good if you’re looking for a more or less stable relationship.

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