Have you just run out of charcoal when there are guests invited to your evening grill and you have long been wondering how to make charcoal? Fortunately, it is very simple. You have to understand what a charcoal is before making one yourself. Charcoal is wood left with all the volatile compounds burned away. It is called the universal antidote that removes toxins from the bloodstream. Just follow a few steps minutely and you can have your own charcoal ready.

Finding the wood

You have to make a decision between using hardwood or softwood for making your charcoal.The decision-making is recommended doing the old-world way which requires learning to discern the tree wood you are looking for. After selecting the wood it is advisable to use seasoned wood and not rotten or green wood for charcoal making.

Prepping the wood

Preparing wood entails severing the wood into little chips to fill it inside the cooker in which you desire to make the charcoal.Then use the cleaver to lobbying pieces into small pieces as many times required until you get the smallest of pieces. You can snap the pieces using your hand too.

Making your cooker

Wood needs to be burnt in a closed space to turn it into charcoal but not long enough as it turns in to ash otherwise. This means that it has to be made on an enclosed surface like a metal jar with a lid or a cooker. Then cut out a tiny hole at the lid and add a cage to it.

Cooking the wood

In the outset, scoop all the small pieces of wood and place them inside your cooker and stuff them. Put the cover on and place the cooker in a real roaring fire. Then using a stick move the cooker into the fire. As the cooking commences white smoke starts coming outside the hole at the top and corners of the lid.

Obtaining the charcoal

After the smoke becomes highly inflammable it starts to look like a methane lamp. Stay beside the fire and when it has transformed into low-intensity flames, this is when the charcoal is done. Allow the container to cool completely and do not expose it to the air.As exposure to the air will turn it into white ash.

Your home-made charcoal is ready

Now, check to see that there ought not to remain any real wood and even no ash. After putting the wood pieces through the steps when you see your charcoal is soft and can be snapped easily into two pieces, it is ready. Putting your charcoal to use is just as satisfying as creating it. Now you can continue with the perfect evening with your charcoal grill without the guests being turned down.

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