Long-Term Goals Over Short-Term Pleasure

A mental state which urges one to let go of short-term afflictions to wallow in ephemeral pleasures that eventually leads to long-term sufferings is termed as instant appeasement. To be precise, the individuals caught up in the snare of instant gratification deliberately avoid the brief period of agony, although they’re very much cognizant of the fact that this agony is required to aid them in achieving their aims in life.

Instant satisfaction highlights the inability to arrest your emotional yearnings. A perpetual reveling in instant satisfaction tends to make one morose as they keep renouncing relevant long-term advantages for irrelevant short-term gratification.

Steps To Follow:

  1. Know your Desires Well

The first step towards breaking free from fleeting pleasures is forming a clear idea of the goals and aims in your life. If you vacillate between your wishes and aren’t confident enough, you won’t be able to distract yourself from the allurements that would come along your way. To make it simpler, set up a questionnaire regarding the attainment of your objectives such as ‘What is my aim in life?’, ‘How am I going to attain this?’, ‘What is the purpose behind my aim?’ et al.

  1. Recognize Potential Impediments

The road to your aim in life won’t be a smooth sailing. There would be times when you’d feel like giving up or would get exhausted by the unforeseen onslaughts that life brings with it. During such times, if you’re unable to confront them, chances are you’d yield to short-term pleasures, thus losing focus of the long-term goals. Hence, it’s crucial to recognize the enticements that might hinder your path to success.

  1. Surround yourself with People Who Give Enough Backing

When setbacks bring us to our knees, a hand of solace and comfort is enough to instill the lost confidence in us. It’s imperative to keep people in your life who won’t let you get drawn away by the fleeting pleasures. In addition to people, there’s every probability that accomplishing your long-term goals would also entail various resources well. Ponder over the sort of supplies and schemes you require along your way to maintain your focus.

  1. Have Definite Boundaries

In order to fulfill the long-term objectives, it’s important to have the definite vision of your life such as what you would catch hold of, and what you’ll steer clear of. Write down the types of people and behaviors you won’t entertain anymore. Apart from this, think of the advantages and gifts you’d obtain by warding way such allurements.

  1. Formulate a Reward Structure

At last, the moment has arrived when you’d be presenting yourself with a much-deserved reward. However, the reward isn’t for your present venture. It’s for avoiding the potential distractions which could sidetrack your attention.

Keeping your emotional urges in check depends entirely on you. When you can cross over to the other side of short-term pleasures, only then would you be able to carry off the long-term goals in life.

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