Clean A Mattress With Ease

Have you ever wondered what the mattress you lie back on after a long day’s workhouses the creepiest of critters and dust mites? Thus you want to know how to clean a mattress? They also may contain urine, blood, sweat and many bodily fluids. It may also have traces of chemicals, oils, and dirt. Before you imagine any longer it is time for you to get down and clean that mattress of yours. Learn how to read these easy steps.

Strip the Bed

Strip the bed of all the decorative stuff like the pillows, fitted sheets, and top sheets. Wash your bedding linens, pillowcases in the washing machine while you get to clean the mattress. In case, you are using a duvet wash it along with the linens.

Vacuum Cleaning

The upholstery attachment in your vacuum cleaner is your top rated ally in cleaning the mattress. Put the nozzle on the top of your mattress and starting the cleanup there and later work your way downwards, beneath the mattress.

Deodorizing it

You do not realize your own body odor. With the passage of time built-up sweat leads to a funky and damp aroma. To get rid of this rankness, sprinkle some baking soda and gently scrub with a brush to get rid of the stinking smell.

Vacuuming Again and Treating Stains

After having scrubbed the mattress with baking soda, vacuuming the mattress the second time pulls the odor and moisture. Then treat the stains of blood, urine and other fluids. You can use a solution made of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of liquid soap.

Cover and Protection

After having cleaned and vacuumed your mammoth mattress you must provide protection and cover to it. The mattress needs to be covered with a cover so that it prevents future stains and rankness. This way you are also protecting it because the cover is washable and will serve as armor.

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Exposure to Air and Sun

Expose your mattress to the air as whenever it comes in contact with your mattress it sufficiently prevents damp body odor from building onto it. Always expose your mattress to sunlight as the ultraviolet rays destroy the germs and bacteria.

Get on to that Mattress

It is always a worldly pleasure to get on anything that smells good, is clean and has a feel-good factor about it. Anything dirty, grimy, mucky and greasy is a total turn off. Since mattress is an intrinsic part of your lives, pamper it just the way you pamper yourselves.

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