How to build a campfire all by yourself?


Have plans to go for a scouting and camping trip, or arranging a small barbecue in the backyard of your house and thus thinking how to build a campfire? Just obtaining a few things and following basic steps you can build a campfire entirely by yourself. In places where there is an abundance of fire woods, a fire musters people together to share life’s anecdotes, smiles, laughter and reminisce about the day spent. Also not to forget the rich tradition fire has since the primitive times.

Steps to build a campfire

There are certain steps to build a safe campfire without going overboard, and these are discussed below. The basic steps include checking rules, finding a pit; locate a clearing and more tips to go forward with.

Checking the laid rules

An essential part of building the campfire is to go by the rulebook to know whether it is authorized in the area or not. It is advisable to build one only if it is permissible in the concerned area.

Finding a pit and locate a clearing

Check if your garden or the place visited has pre-made pits for fire, if not, then it is advisable making one. To create a pit for fire select an area which is a minimum of ten or more, feet away from the dry bushes or materials that easily catch fire.

Making circle with wood and tinder

The fire pit has to be surrounded by a ring of stones and rocks big enough to keep the wood contained. With a spade, dig a small ditch of seven to nine inches then gather wood – mainly tinder, offshoots and parched leaves. You can spark the fire with larger sticks. Collect fuel wood that would be burning for some time and in the middle of the pit place a pile of tinder.

Building and layering the teepee

After building a tepee with four to five pieces of firewood, put two more sections of fire wood on the top of first two. It will form a square of wood circling the tepee and keep layering the wood until it starts resembling a log compartment.

Finally, lighting fire and feeding it

Light the sparking and keep feeding wood until it burns up the kindling. Once it ignites along with the wood and catches fire keep feeding it occasionally. All this ensures you have the perfect campfire built around you to pass the night merrily.


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