How To Become A Male Model

How do you happen to be a male model in the fashion world? Becoming a model is not about just good looks, it also involves talent and motivation to support those looks. You have all those qualities; still, you are not quite sure about how to become a male model. Let us discuss some tips on how to become a male model.

Industry Standards

Male models have to be tall, slender and handsome looking. Perfect teeth, healthy skin, properly cut hair and a well-proportioned body is the requisites for those looking at the lucrative world of modeling. One should be photogenic too. He must have a professional approach. He should be on time for assignments and should possess the ability to handle criticism.

Decide What Kind of Modeling Interests You

There are many types of modeling you can do. The most difficult area is fashion modeling though it is the most highly paid. You can be a runway model or a catalog model. They assist in the promotion of clothing and apparel. So the type of modeling you want to do will impact the type of portfolio you require to create and the approach you need to take to start your career in this industry.


Make an attempt to appear in local talent shows, magazines or fashion shows. You may attract the attention of the right people, and you may not have to take the help of an agency. Do not do anything that you might regret later. You are trying to create an image, so do not attempt anything which is beneath your dignity.


You must have a range of photographs taken by a reputed, professional photographer. The best pictures should be included. Once you start receiving assignments, you should update your portfolio regularly. Try to avoid including more than one picture of the same angle. Your portfolio should contain a headshot, styled headshot, action shot, editorial shot and a fashion shot. You should keep this ready in the agency itself, as many clients drop in for immediate selection.

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Start Your Career

You require submitting your portfolio to reputed agencies, fashion designers, and various other coordinators. Before signing a contract check out with several modeling agencies. Make a careful selection of the agency. Changing agencies frequently will give you an unprofessional image. Maintain contacts with them on a regular basis.

Healthy lifestyle

In the initial phase, you may need another job to support yourself. Only a few make it to the top slot at the very first opportunity. Ensure that you continue to eat healthy food, exercise well and do not develop an eating disorder.

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