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Wondering how to grow moss indoors to grace your house? It is not so difficult after all. All you need is to follow a few simple steps. Mosses would look equally lovely in clear glass containers, as they do over huge land masses. You can create mini landscapes of forests or gardens at home for decoration use. Mosses grow by taking in moisture and essential foods from the environment. Hence, they need surroundings to develop.

Five Simple Steps and some precautions to grow A Mini moss garden

There are some simple steps for growing moss at home. You require domestic daily equipment for the purpose, so it isn’t complicated too. Gather the new material required for creating moss from your local environs. This includes a considerable quantity of moss, some pebbles and a bit of charcoal.

  • Prepare the Container

You need a container with a lid for the moss garden. An ideal one will be a container of clear glass like a large glass jar. This will hold your moss garden so it must be in good condition and not fragile. The more the clarity of the container, more prominent the garden will appear. Take some of the collected pebbles and put them in the container bottom.

  • Top the Pebbles with Charcoal

After this take the charcoal. This charcoal must ideally have a granulated form. You will find such charcoal in stores supplying fish. Put the charcoal in a layer with a thickness of about an inch. The charcoal acts as the groundwork of the soil to be tallied afterwards. This is therefore an important step in finding out how to grow moss.

  • Create the Garden Soil

Next follows the most important step of making the garden dirt. You must place at least a two-inch deep layer of ground used for potting. Then spray water through a water bottle made in the form of a spray. This causes the land favorable for growth and keeps it moist. This is ideal for the moss. This is the main step in learning how to grow moss.

  • Arrange the garden floor

You must now give the soil a natural look. For this take some rocks of different sizes and put them all o’er the soil space. Adding some branched twigs will make it look like a real forest ground. Then put some larger sized objects on the backside and the smaller sized ones at the front.

  • Adding the Moss

Now take the moss and spread it in sheets over larger sized objects. The remaining portion should be covered with crumbled bits of moss.  Then sprinkle some water on this moss covered soil too. Now, cover the lid of the container. Keep the container in a place devoid of any sunlight.

  • Some precautions

While placing the moss above the ground and stones, make sure you squeeze it securely on these. Stick the moss in sheets over the stones by fishing line, as is called for. The growth of the moss will hide the line. The moss that you collect from surroundings can be found in sheets or in a crumbled form too. Though sheets are more convenient to place, crumbles grow at the same rate.

A unique and attractive addition to any garden

These are the very interesting and fun filled steps to creating your moss garden at home. Mosses can be of different kinds so that you can apply the different varieties for your garden too. Together they would look even more attractive. A moss garden is a nice idea to make something unique for adorning your home. Then go ahead, enhance your creativity and make magic with help from nature.

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