Regardless of the measure, Google tossed at Apple amid its Pixel dispatch occasion, its handsets are amazingly like its rival’s. Affecting the invention of Nexus, Google has planned and produced its initial domestic handsets – the Pixel and its XL series. The difference in the configuration of the two is based on the battery and the size.  The former Pixel series is built on a 5-inch display while the later is displayed with 5.5 inches. Both the Pixel series are inbuilt with the recent Android Nougat and are enabled with Google Assistant.

Display on the pixel

The demonstration on the Google Pixel is amazing. Hues look brilliant and the gentle sophisticated look is refreshing when taking a gander at photographs, watching recordings and playing recreations. Apart from the 5-inch screen, the FHD AMOLED screen with a thickness of 441 PPI is secured by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. On the other hand, the later version, i.e., the Pixel XL provides with a higher resolution, 2560 x 1440.

In comparison with iPhone 7, which has a screen of 4.7 inch and a326PPI, while on the other hand, the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen with 401 PPI. Despite the fact that on paper this recommends the show on the Pixel range ought to beat the iPhone 7, as a general rule it doesn’t.

Hardware of the pixel

A component which normally set Android gadgets apart from the iPhone was its storage capacity. There is no more extended alternative to place the phone with an additional SD Card to the gadget. With its 32 GB internal memory, it makes this additional card a burden to the phone. The entire set up of storing finishes within the internal space. After transferring the contacts, photos, messages, mails, videos you are left with 29 GB more space. The entire system storage finishes within 5-6 GB. Hence, you have ample space left for the various activities.

Software used in the pixel

The Google Pixel runs a practically unadulterated adaptation of Android Nougat; the fundamental change is the expansion of the Google Assistant. Nougat is a change on past forms of Android.

For instance, Android Nougat gives clients a chance to run two applications one next to the other, putting a conclusion to fumblingly flipping forward and backward between them utilizing the ‘late applications’ catch. Exchanging between two full-screen applications has likewise been made simpler utilizing a twofold tap of the “review” catch.

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